Friday, April 29, 2011


At times when you are in trouble, you indeed see who are your true friends and family. If only people would know how big it will be for someone to lend a hand to a needy one. Yes we may not feel obligated but blessings are shared to people who may truly in need of something. It’s the time to share the blessings we have, the kindness we can give and God’s love.

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.
- Seneca

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Get 50% discount @ Splash Island

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Unsecured business loans

Running a business is such a tough job but as compared to having employed in a private company or government agency your business can give you a better yield in the time and effort you spend. Though there is a current global financial and economic crisis life must go on as well as businesses, even the small ones.

If you are looking for a business loan, there are online lending and financial institutions where you can get that much needed fund to establish or expand your business. Depending on how big or small the capital you need there are Small Business Loans and Line of Credit you can avail of. With small business loans, you will be getting a specific amount of loan you can use in your business and interest is computed based on that loan proceeds spread towards a number of months or years as the case maybe. While in Line of Credit, the interest will only be computed based on the amount you get or use out of the total approved credit line you received.

In whatever type of loan you wish to avail there are many online Unsecured business loans you can choose from in starting your dream venture or maybe expanding an existing one.

INC supports RH Bill

While the Catholic Church strongly opposed RH Bill, Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) on the other hand supports the said bill. In a letter from INC Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo to Congress dated October 2010, the group believed that RH Bill will help solve many problems of the country. Supporters of the said bill also have strong faith that this bill will be passed this year with the support of the president.

Iglesia ni Cristo , sumusuporta sa RH bill

Update: Willie & officials of TV5 sued for child abuse

The child abuse issue on Willie Revillame regarding the March 12 episode of “Willing Willie” keeps on heating up as Willie and top officials of TV5 have been sued for child abuse by rights advocates. Yesterday, Monday, six people including officials of the End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes (ECPAT), filed the complaint with the Quezon City Fiscal’s Office on Monday.

Willie Revillame, TV5 execs sued for child abuse

Sunday, April 24, 2011

5.11 tactical watch

It is really kind of scary nowadays that aside from street crimes household crimes continue to rise not only because that holidays are fast approaching but due to people’s too much poverty plus the global financial crisis. Just in our street, there are several households being victimized by these burglars and we are not an exemption. Thank God that the van was fortunately closed at that midnight as well as the doors so the attempt was unsuccessful. No wonder why most of the households are also on alert for this kind of incident and keeping some protective and defensive items like tear gas, knives and even guns.

Founded by Los Angeles area Police Officers, L.A. Police Gear, Inc. offers vast products for protection, security and effective performance for professionals. They cater to wide categories of clients like police officers, cops, military personnel, security professionals and even the general public. They offer top brand names like 5.11 Tactical series, Blackhawk and Under Armour to name a few. Right now they are offering great discounts and freebies to their valued and prospective clients like the one they have for 5.11 Tactical Watch. Not only that, they are delivering functionally innovative gear from head to toe especially for people in the field of law and security enforcement.

L.A. Police Gear, Inc. offers fast shipping, low prices and great customer service. For shipping, they offer FREE shipping for your order and the returns as well. They have enough stock inventories of their products so no need to worry of the availability and mostly orders are ship within 24 hours. Currently, they are holding promos of their different products at great discounts and there are freebies too. You can receive product updates, coupons and specials via text and email. For those in service, there are great offers to browse with for an effective performance and for private individual time to increase security of yourself and loved ones at this point in time.

Rio Montañosa, Magellan's Drop & Dos Supremos

When at Splash Island, the family never miss to drop at the wavy slide of "Magellan's Drop" and the long curly slide of "Rio Montañosa" aboard the group raft. Want more? You can check out the closed body slide called "Dos Supremos" and feel the thrill.



Zenni Opticals' holiday frames

Holidays! Holidays! Holidays! It is the time of sharing, giving, parties, reunions and more. Are you kind of tired attending limitless parties in towns? Have you forgotten somebody in the check list and need to buy additional gifts? How’s the food for the midnight meal or “Media Noche” as what we called here in the Philippines? Do you plan of buying something as a gift to yourself? We just finished up with our New Year celebration and it was great.

Some people do extend their shopping to get big discounts like in the Year End Sale promo of malls. While in the web, one of the hot items being searched for is those durable and quality frames. Zenni Optical comes out with this great, quality and stylish Holiday frames. Frames form part already of people’s way of fashion and I think with Zenni’s vast selection of frames you don’t need to search elsewhere. As a prescription eyeglass user, I had been to several optical clinics and I could say Zenni offers the best frames and pricing. Their frames selection starts as low as $9.95 and there are variety of designs to choose from. Whether you are looking for full or half-rim frames, metal or stainless steel frames, you can find the right one that will suits your preferences, fashion and budget. Hurry and check out Zenni Optical’s quality, stylish and economical lens and frames.

The traditional "Salubong"

Salubong is an Easter Sunday pre-dawn ritual that reenacts the Risen Christ's meeting with His mother. It is performed in the churchyard under a specially prepared arch where the veiled image of the Virgin Mary has been placed. A child dressed as an angel is lowered by ropes from a high platform to lift the mourning veil of the grieving Mother. The church bells are rung, and there is a procession of the images of Christ and his mother that ends up inside the church.

The participants in the procession are segregated by gender. The men and boys follow the image of Jesus Christ, while women and girls follow the image of Mary. The procession ends with the two groups meeting in the church, where Mass is said.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

About US credit reports

In the U.S., there are three different credit reporting bureaus. It’s important to order a copy of your credit report at least once a year from all three bureaus to ensure that everything is up to date and that your credit report doesn’t contain any errors. Additionally, if you have been denied credit, you’re entitled to receive a free copy of your credit report.

However, once you receive your credit reports, they can seem as though they’re written in a foreign language. Fortunately, there are many resources to help. There are numerous websites that tell you how to read reports, and if you’re working with a credit counseling agency, they can also help you. If you obtain your credit report online, there is often a ‘sample’ credit report that shows how the report is designed.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pabasa ng Pasyon, a traditional religious practice

The pasyon is a verse narrative about the life and suffering of Jesus Christ. The verses are structured in five-line stanzas, with each line containing eight syllables. The pasyon is commonly sung during Holy Week, starting Holy Monday. The reading of the pasyon is a traditional religious practice in the Philippines and people gather around the reader of the pasyon to listen and reflect. It is seen by many of its practitioners as a vow or panata.

The first version of the Tagalog pasyon was written by Gaspar Aquino de Belen in 1704. It was entitled Mahal na Passion ni Jesu Christong Panginoon Natin na Tola (The poem of the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ). Belen's pasyon went through at least four revisions, with the fifth edition printed in 1760.

The tradition of chanting the pasyon is not rooted to the Spanish language that the songs were originally written in. but is connected to the singing of epics during cultural celebrations among indigenous Filipinos. The pasyon is usually chanted a capella though occasionally the chanters may be accompanied by guitars or a rondalla band.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Best At Cruises

Best at Cruises is a trading division of Best At Travel plc. Best at Travel plc formerly known as World Wide Journeys has been trading for over 17 years. The company is privately owned and is a member of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) and the Association of Tour Operators (ATOL). They operate from central London headquarters and pride themselves with highly trained staff; all dedicated in offering high levels of customer support and knowledge.

Family Cruises
River Cruises
Honeymoon Cruises 
Transatlantic Cruises

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Visita Iglesia on Maundy Thursday

In the Philippines, Maundy Thursday is the time for what we called “Visita Iglesia” where devotees visit different churches. You also see people that instead of commuting or bringing their vehicles, they used to walk on the way to different churches as a way of sacrifice. Also, business establishments cease operations from Holy Thursday to Black Saturday. Most malls, however, only cease their operations on Holy Thursday and Good Friday and only open on Black Saturday. Terrestrial television and radio stations either go completely off-air during that period or operate limited hours where they broadcast special shows, usually themed for the Holy Week, which is not on their usual schedule. (Cable channels usually continue their normal telecasts as usual.) Newspapers usually have no issues during those days.

WIKIPEDIA:  Maundy Thursday, also known as Holy Thursday, Covenant Thursday, Great & Holy Thursday, and Thursday of Mysteries, is the Christian feast or holy day falling on the Thursday before Easter that commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles as described in the Canonical gospels. It is the fifth day of Holy Week, and is preceded by Holy Wednesday and followed by Good Friday.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spoof commercial of royal wedding

PRINCE WILLIAM AND KATE MIDDLETON T-Mobile Royal Wedding SPOOF Commercial - FULL VERSION -- MrPishposh79

Swarovski crystal beads

CRYSTAL AND GLASS BEADS are based in the UK and sell Swarovski crystals and jewellery making components by mail-order. They have a range of beads available to order online: Silver foil, glass beads, Millefiori, Semi-Precious Gemstone beads, Silver findings and a range of Swarovski, rhinestones, bicones, briolettes, rounds, cubes & pearls.

Swarovski Crystals are high quality Austrian cut glass crystals that are expertly faceted and polished to produce the finest quality crystals available. The reason for their popularity is that they sparkle & shine like diamonds. They only sell genuine Swarovski products. They also have range of glass beads in various colours and shapes. Aside from those above, they also have choosen some of the nicest semi-precious gemstones that you can buy. Semi- precious gemstones can add a touch of class to your jewelery pieces to make something that is very elegant to wear.

Modern contemporary furniture @ Spacify

Are you on the look for comfy yet fashionable Living Room Furniture? Our living room not only serves as a space to the family for bonding and get together but also a room where we receive our visitors. Combining all the importance that this room could serve us finding the right furniture is kind of tough. Likewise, enhancing the look, ambiance and elegance of our living room is one of the key factors in improving the overall aura of our home., a Living room Furniture Store, is a great site that understands not only your needs but personal preferences as well. In that regard, they feature wide selection of contemporary living room furniture like beds, tables, sofas, TV stands and more. It is a great quality furniture store that combines not only sturdiness and durability but moreover the style and elegance that will make you feel satisfied and comfortable. There are other items you can add on to your living room like Ottomans to add color and vibrant in the room.

If you are planning for a living room renovation or more over eyeing for a brand new living room furniture check out and find great stuff that you can put together for your dreamed family living room.

Regine Velasquez confirms pregnancy

And the good news is here.. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid is pregnant. After her birthday tribute on “Party Pilipinas” Trip episode on April 17, the 41 year old singer disclosed the good news after she and hubby Ogie are 100% sure of it. My congratulations to the couple.

Discover Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located in the Central American isthmus, between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is a privileged destination because of its location in the middle of the Western Hemisphere. Its varied landscapes and mild climate make this small country the perfect getaway for a spectacular vacation, medical or health tourism, a memorable business meeting or convention.

... Hiking in the rainforest, horseback riding through picturesque trails, mountain biking in the country side, white water rafting in wild and untamed rivers, snorkeling through tropical reefs, surfing the most incredible breaks, sport fishing in cobalt blue waters, challenging golfing greens, kayaking, surfing ...

In Costa Rica the visitor can enjoy lovely tropical beaches, the grandest adventures, the wonders of nature, scintillating culture, all the necessary components of an ideal vacation. No wonder, then, that thousands of tourists have made Costa Rica their top travel choice.

AJ Perez killed in Tarlac highway accident

We were at Splash Island when my niece Abby told me that a certain AJ Perez who’s an ABS-CBN artist died according to a text from her friend. It was on the following day, Monday, which I got to know the accident according to news from his network. I am shocked! Such a young boy from the teleserye “Sabel” lost his life from a tragic car accident.

AJ’s mother just watched “Bottomline” of Boy Abunda on a Saturday night where Fatima Soriano as guest. Fatima’s story was still fresh on her memory and decided to donate her son’s cornea to Fatima. All is just waiting for Fatima’s doctor advice before they proceed with the transplant.

I know how deep the pain is that all of a sudden a loved one of yours will no more around in an instant. That’s how my father left us just last June 2010. After a massive stroke in the morning of June 7, he left us in 2 am of June 10. To AJ’s family, my condolences and may you find the courage and strength with all the people around you and the people who love AJ.

* Artists troop to wake of AJ Perez
* AJ's family opens wake to public
* AJ talks about TV project in last interview
* AJ’s relatives stunned by actor’s death
* AJ’s showbiz friends in mourning
* Actor AJ Perez killed in accident

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Longest & exciting slides @ Splash Island



6/55 Grand Lotto Results for April 13

I have seen in the reports that the jackpot prize in 6/55 Grand Lotto for April 13 draw could reach by about 110,000,000 pesos. Wow! Unfortunately, after the much-awaited draw no one guessed the winning combination: 3-29-23-22-35-54 for a jackpot prize of 108,963,230.40.

I think I still have time to try my luck in this number game for its next draw on Saturday. Wish me luck people. ♥♥♥♥

Banco Filipino depositor allegedly commits suicide

Why it always happened that bank customers are being caught unaware of what’s happening on their depository banks? In the case of Banco Filipino, what precautionary measures undertaken by BSP to prevent such closure for the second time? How do they monitor all these banks who are handling people’s money especially its financial status?

Earlier reports said that Carmino Mangubat Jr. allegedly committed suicide. He had around 200,000 pesos cash deposit with Banco Filipino and blaming the recent closure of the bank according to his supposed suicide note.

How many Mangubat need to kill himself for being so helpless? How many ordinary people who tried to save money for a better life ended up killing themselves? How many soulless banks can do such a thing? What the BSP can do to prevent such happening?

Yes, PDIC will answer those depositors up to the limit of 500,000 pesos per account. But is that so? PDIC’s money is Filipino people’s money. After years of receiving people’s deposits, making wrong decisions and enriching themselves with high salaries of bank executives, the poor depositors need to wait to bring back their money the long and hard way. That’s not fair!!!

There must be no bank secrecy law that will hinder BSP in monitoring religiously and fairly all banks’ performances periodically. I think that’s one good way to protect depositors’ investments.

Banco Filipino depositor found dead; suicide suspected

BF-GF commercial of McDonalds

I’ve seen the report about this 30-seconder “BF-GF commercial” of McDonalds but not the commercial itself. So I searched the YouTube to find it and had it posted for you. I agree with the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines or CBCP on their resistance on the said ad. It may look cute but indeed shallow, cheapens human relationships and teaches nothing good among kids. Glad that McDonalds acknowledged and respected the position of CBCP and pulled-out the ad immediately.

It’s still good to know that despite differences people learned to listen and acknowledge mistake. It is high time that we mold kids today with good values with the best way we can because they are the future of our country.

McDonald's pulls out "BF-GF commercial" after CBCP called for them to stop airing ad

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Korean drama "My Princess" @ ABS-CBN

I loved to watch ABS-CBN’s afternoon show’s Korean drama “My Princess.” Like many around the world, it entertains me to watch shows about royalty. Actually I watched “Princess Hours” too at the said network and able to love the characters.

“My Princess” tells the story of Lizelle played by Korea’s very own Kim Tae Hee. She is just an ordinary student who makes a living out of dressing up like a princess. Since she was a child, she has always dreamt of being with her father but her world fell apart upon learning that he had already died. Eventually, Lizelle discovers that she has royal blood. She meets Ethan, played by Asia’s premiere actor Song Seung Hun, who is a rich diplomat and is against the restoration of the monarchy. Because of the clashing interests of their families, they start having petty quarrels and disagreements. But unexpectedly, they fall in love with each other.

The romantic love story "My Princess" started airing on March 28 right before "Mula Sa Puso."

Mikey on Beachfront House in California

Son of former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and now Ang Galing Party-list Rep. Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo would have commit mortgage fraud, according to financial advisor James Triguero. The later wonders how he got a loan for $1 million to buy the beachfront house in California while functioning as a congressman in the Philippines and only makes P455,000 a year. Beachway LLC acquired the controversial property where Arroyo has a minority stake.

Mikey committed fraud to purchase beachfront house?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

2011 Bb. Pilipinas winners

A magna cum laude graduate in B.S. Architecture from UP Diliman and topped the June 2010 Architecture Licensure Exam, SHAMCEY SUPSUP, beat 39 other candidates for the title of Bb. Pilipinas Ms. Universe 2011 at the Araneta Coliseum on Sunday evening. She also graduated salutatorian in high school at Makati High School.

A lady from General Santos City who stands 5’7’ answered the question: "What worthy cause do you identify yourself with and why?" Her answer: "I think the one worthy cause I can identify myself with is valuing education. Because I believe education is something that cannot be taken away from you. You can have money, you can have fame, but in the end, it can be taken from you. But education will always be there to help you."

Architect wins Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2011

Teen summa cum laude breaks 65-year UP record

Nineteen year-old JOHN GABRIEL PELIAS, graduating summa cum laude with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, broke the record of a professor emeritus in political science in UP after 65 years by garnering a weighted average of 1.016. Prof. Emerenciana Yuvienco Arcellana, Ph.D, widow of the late National Artist for Literature Francisco Arcellana and mother of STAR desk editor Juaniyo, held the previous record with 1.02 upon graduating in 1946, whose commencement speaker was President Manuel Roxas. Pelias is one of UP’s poorest scholars with his family earning less than P80,000 a year.

Congratulations John Gabriel! You’ve such a good example to many youth out there. You’ve shown how to value education, be triumphant after many challenges, and rose from difficulties in life.

Willing Willie off air for 2 weeks

Willing Willie” game show of TV5 and hosted by Willie Revillame will go off air for two weeks beginning today, April 11, while investigation is ongoing on the said controversial March 12 episode. He also expressed disappointments to big companies who pulled out their advertisements like P&G and Mang Inasal among others. The celebrities who expressed their disgust about the incident via Twitter were also threatened that he will sue them in court. Will Willie returns or leave showbiz for good? That’s something worth waiting for, for those who love and hate Willie.

Gold IRA & gold 401k accounts plus free Gold Guide

I am just wondering that if despite the global economic crisis that happened several years ago and still raging, given the situation in Libya, continuous increase in petroleum products, problems in sustaining a business and low bank interest rate, is there any alternative and good investment for those who still have money and want to place it in something profitable given the scenarios, short term or long term?

I encountered this website of and I got interested reading facts about it. At first I thought it is a site for collectors but as I spent time reading the page, it sounds more of a real and good investment. I saw a table for gold IRA (Individual Retirement Account) that with investment of $25,000 in year 2000, the value of such in 2009 became $103,457. I wonder how such IRA gold can make that much despite so many crises that had happened. The answer according to the website: Gold IRA accounts benefits from negative economic, political, environmental, or monetary conditions contribute to a rising gold price.

There’s another investment called gold 401k. Both IRA and 401k gold are individual account so investors can customize their deposits, withdrawals and payment of taxes on distributions. They can even plan ahead on what to happen on their gold IRA or 401k gold rollover after their deaths. Likewise, gold IRA transfer is also possible such as you can transfer it to a loved one.

I am still continue my reading because this kind of “crisis commodity” as they said is really indeed sounds a good investment to me, considering the table I saw from the top. From those interested, they offer free gold guide for you reference.

Senator Pangilinan's tweet on Willie

After several major advertisers pullout their advertisements on Willie Revillame’s “Willing Willie” being aired over TV5, and criticisms from his co-celebrities like Jim Paredes, Agot Isidro, Mylene Dizon, Bianca Gonzales, Tuesday Vargas, Aiza Seguerra and Lea Salonga, it’s now husband of Megastar Sharon Cuneta, Senator Kiko Pangilinan, who called Revillame as “unrepentant, arrogant and incorrigible.” The senator made such statement after Revillame considers of filing libel cases against his fellow celebrities who criticized him. As for Senator Pangilinan for the possibility of being included in the libel case, he quipped: “Sue me, too.”

* Willie threatens to sue his Twitter critics
* Celebrities react to Willie's tirade
* After ad pullout, Willie announces leave from show
* MTRCB members inhibit from Willing Willie probe
* CBCP-NASSA condemns 'Willing Willie' incident
* More firms pull out ads from 'Willing Willie'

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Joshua graduated with Kris Aquino minus Phillip Salvador

Son of Kris Aquino to Phillip Salvador, Joshua, graduated last March 20. Phillip was not able to attend because he was not invited by the actress and felt bad according to reports. The actress answered the issue during a press conference for her 5th album, “My Heart’s Journey” under Universal Records, saying she stood as a single parent to Josh ever since financially, physically, psychologically and emotionally. She said that it was a day for her family who is with his son daily and added that Josh is not asking her about his real father. She even thanked her president brother for giving his son the male figure he needed.

Kris explains why she did not invite Phillip to Josh’s grad
Kris on Josh: 'He's going to be a musical director'

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