Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quick, easy & healthy meals

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hormel Foods. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hormel is one imported brand I can count on for a quick, delicious and healthy easy meal for my family. As a housewife, I am pre-occupied with my daily routine and that’s doing the household chores and taking care of our needs from an orderly house to clean clothes and of course the most important one, the food. With such a busy day I know I can count on Hormel products at times I need to prepare the table in such a short period of time. That’s one important reason why I have Hormel in my grocery list always.

Beef is so tasty and it’s one of kids’ favorites. I do have 2 kids and both are schooling. For a busy mom like me hormel products always save my day. I can easily prepare breakfast or even their packed lunch in minutes with the help of this healthy and delicious Dinty Moore Beef Stew. I do have it in can and in tray so I can choose considering the time involve. It is so easy to prepare. I can just heat up a can of beef stew in a pan in minutes and serve it with rice. So easy and quick indeed and for sure healthy for the kids because it has no preservatives and less calories.

I remember one incident when hubby was craving for a midnight snack. It was the first time I prepared my version of “Philly Steak Cheese Sandwich” for him. So easy to prepare with Beef Roast Au Jus Entrée, sliced onion, cheese dip, buns and pounded pepper around. There are other recipes available in Hormel’s recipe section and you can do too check them out and maybe like me make your own version of it.

Thanks to Hormel Foods! Preparing quick, healthy and delicious meals and snacks for the family becomes easy.
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Egg Hunting @ SPLASH ISLAND

SPLASH ISLAND will remain open within the Holy Easter Week. It is the perfect place to reflect with your families and friends this season of lent. On Easter Sunday, children can also join the “Easter Egg Hunting Activity” at the Harbor Area (fronting the Agos Grandes Wave Pool) after the 9:00AM mass. Prizes await lucky children who will find the specially designed Easter eggs hidden within the SPLASH ISLAND facility.

SPLASH ISLAND will be open by 8:00AM until 8:00PM within the entire Easter Week. Enjoy the 2010 new attractions like the floating playground, floating iceberg wall climbing, floating volleyball field, 30 foot zip line and wall climbing plus the 12 water slides that will be available to the public.

For inquiries you may call 09189129177 or visit their website at

Monday, March 29, 2010

30-foot Zip line @ Splash Island

Last March 28, journalists from print and broadcast celebrated MEDIA FAMILY DAY @ SPLASH ISLAND. Said event was attended by reporters, writers and broadcasters from different networks and radio stations together with their families that truly enjoy a day of aqua filled adventure in the well-maintained and world class facilities of Splash Island.

Hubby and my kids tried to ride on the 30-foot zip line of the resort. The harness put in place then went up to the 30-foot structure, fastened the harness on the metal cord and ride. They rode together on the first way then separated on their way back. It was indeed a joy ride and more rides to do on our next visit.

Come and enjoy summer @ Splash Island.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Media Family Day @ SPLASH ISLAND

777 MEDIA FORUM in cooperation with SPLASH ISLAND GLOBAL GUTZ PARK for the second time invited media practitioners and their families for the annual MEDIA FAMILY DAY @ SPLASH ISLAND. Journalists from print and broadcast will be joining the whole day of fun filled events and adventures of the world class facilities of SPLASH ISLAND.

SPLASH ISLAND 2010 new attractions such as the floating playground, floating iceberg wall climbing, floating volleyball field, 30 foot zip line and wall climbing including the 12 water slides will be experienced by participating journalists and their families.

MEDIA FAMILY DAY @ SPLASH ISLAND is the biggest and the only summer event for practitioners from the fourth estate. Last year some 200 people were fortunate to witness the re-launching of SPLASH ISLAND under the new management of businessman MR. SONNY TORRES of Global Gutz Park Philippines. This year the number of participants increased to 300 persons. Prizes await the winning participants for the exciting games featuring the 2010 new attractions of SPLASH ISLAND.

777 MEDIA FORUM founder, Consul Robert Lim Joseph, Chairman Emeritus of NAITAS (National Association of Independent Travel Agencies) which is the largest organization of travel agents in the Philippines said this project in cooperation with SPLASH ISLAND intends to strengthen the family ties of every journalist and their families. SPLASH ISLAND is the perfect place for summer getaway and family bonding for journalists who are busy in their work.

This project was made possible thru the support of Consul Robert Lim Joseph, Edgard Cabangon Chua of Gencars Motors, Parañaque Mayor Jun Bernabe, NCRPO Regional Director General Roberto Boysie Rosales, Pasay Police Chief Colonel Raul Petrasanta, Duty Free Philippines, JG Summit and Cebu Pacific Airlines.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My daughter's Year-End Recognition Day

Today is the Year-End Recognition Day of my daughter, Ysabel Nicole. She is in Grade 3 at St. Matthew College in San Mateo, Rizal. She’s always included in the recognition since her Grade 1 when she was transferred to that school. This school year’s recognition she was able to reap 3 gold medals for herself. She ranked the overall TOP 1 from her level (with 7 subject proficiencies), no. 1 also in the Deportment Category and no. 1 in the extra-curricular activities.

Every Year-End Recognition, her school gives recognition on 3 categories: overall academic performance, deportment (attitude) and extra-curricular activities. I know the hardships and perseverance my daughter went through this school year but it all pays off.

From me, papa and Justin we are so very proud of you and keep up the good work.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is Turkish flour carcinogenic?

I have seen on TV the news about this Turkish flour and of course I am worried not only for my family but for all the people who consume flour-based foods like bread and pasta. Reports came out that said flour contains “mycotoxins” and other attributes that cause cancer. Actually Senator Aquilino Pimentel Jr. is calling for a total ban on imports of Turkish flour citing certain tests made on the said flour in 2007 by leading Turkish Universities. It came out in the said tests that 81 percent of samples of flour taken were contaminated with OTA (Ochratoxin A).

However the Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association opposed the ban because this Turkish flour is cheaper by 100 pesos per sack as compared to regular flour. They wanted the authorities to prove the carcinogenic attributes of the said flour before they push through with the total ban.

I guess the Bureau of Food and Drugs or BFAD must do their job well on this matter because it is truly of public safety issue.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2010 newest attractions of Splash Island

A video of what to expect this 2010 summer season at Splash Island. This world class facilities feature its newest attractions like the floating playground, floating iceberg wall climbing, floating volleyball, 30 foot zip line and wall climbing. Apart from that are the giant slides, great rides, paintball and vast selection of food stalls inside.

Have a complete aqua day of adventure and fun this 2010 summer only at SPLASH ISLAND. See you!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Zenni Optical helps you see it clearly

Good things need not to be expensive like prescription eyeglasses. At Zenni Optical, there are vast selection of eyeglasses to choose from that are fashionable, stylish, of very high quality products of great durability, safety and comfort at a price you can easily afford. In fact with such prices you can afford to have different styles of eyeglasses to suit your outfit or maybe your mood and even an occasion you need to attend too.

Am I wrong to say affordable? Of course not and many people around the world can attest to that. An article written by Eric that "Cheap eyeglasses are a reality" is a manifestation of this fact that can be found in this link: Zenni Optical understands and treasures the hard earned money of its valued customers. With the use of latest modern materials, manufacturing and marketing strategies they bring their products direct to their customers from their very own factory. In that regard they are able to eliminate expenses that will add up to the costs of their eyeglasses like middlemen, retail overhead and even advertising cost. They rely barely on the feedback from their satisfied customers to spread good things about their products, their very own manufactured brand ZENNI.

Let me give you an example of how Zenni Optical’s eyeglasses can be as affordable as you can imagine. They have this Item#2319 (see inserted frame) which is a medium narrow size translucent full-rim frame that can only costs you $8. With such a price, style and quality you can be able to buy and collect other designs without hurting your pocket or ruining your budget.

Nowadays that global economic meltdown is still in effect, businesses shutting down and people losing their jobs you can count on that Zenni Optical understands the hardships and will continue its drive to give fashionable, stylish, of quality but very affordable eyeglasses to its valued customers.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Beware: Summer coolers with magic sugar

If you like buying halo-halo and other summer coolers from street vendors and shabby canteen then you need to take extra caution. The Department of Health (DOH) thru Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral warns the public with the used of “magic sugar” by several vendors as artificial sweetener due to high cane sugar prices. She said that this may cause a number of health risks because it contains sodium cyclamate. It is a substance banned in most countries since it is unfit for human consumption.

YouTube: Arnel Pineda sings Lupang Hinirang

Aside from waiting for the main event, Manny Pacquiao-Joshua Clottey fight, people also awaits the rendition of Journey’s Filipino front man Arnel Pineda of “Lupang Hinirang.” The singing of the national anthem always creates controversy in some fights of Manny and the recent fight is one. National Historical Institute’s (NHI) Teddy Atienza, chief of NHI’s Heraldry Section, disclosed that the board was not pleased when it heard Pineda’s version.

I think NHI must make its own ruling to avoid such controversy. They always find something wrong in the renditions now and before and in that regard they must draw the line to avoid future issues.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Carlos "Caloy" Castro dies @ 74

There are people that no matter how famous or known they are they were still able to keep their feet on the ground. It was on December of 2004 when I met an executive officer in the company I worked with after my schooling. He is so charming, kind and very accommodating that even at your first meeting you will like his personalities. As time passes by the more I see how genuine he is and why people get to love and respect him.

My Ninong Carlos “Sir Caloy” Castro just passed away around 10pm of March 12 due to Pneumonia at Tondo General Hospital. I can’t help but cry despite of many years of not seeing each other because my love and highest respect for him never lose with our distance and it will always remain that way.

Farewell Ninong Caloy!

Malampaya oil field: Gov't selling its share

I have read the article of Ms. Miriam Coronel Ferrer over ABS-CBN’s website and I can’t help but swing my head left and right and ask this government a big WHY? If all the given details in that article are right why this government sells an asset that can serve as a goose that lays a golden egg for our beloved country? There are only about 2 months before the 2010 Elections and aside from the midnight appointments controversy this government is still not giving up of cheating people and its worst corruption doings.

I guess this issue must be address and made known to the public before it’s too late for the country to know that our 10 percent share in the Malampaya oil field is gone with the wind.

Friday, March 12, 2010

YouTube: Jovit Baldivino @ Pilipinas Got Talent

Pilipinas Got Talent” paved the way to one of the YouTube sensations nowadays, Jovit Baldivino. I was really amazed as he sung his version of Journey’s “Faithfully” during his audition on February 27. But aside from loving his voice I got to love the personality of this boy. Apart from the attitudes of boys in his age, this boy is dedicated on his studies and at the same time trying to help his family in their living. Jovit is a vocalist of an all-male band called “Valedeta” and his exposure in “PGT” helped the group got more gigs.

Congratulations and good luck! Hope you can make it till the end. You not only share your talent to the viewers but moreover we admired you for being such a good son and brother to your family and a good example to youth. More blessings to come.

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo is pregnant

The long wait is over for Ryan and Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo. After almost a year of getting married last April 28, 2009 in San Juan, Batangas the couple finally announced the good news. Juday is two months pregnant with their first child as confirmed by Ryan in last Friday’s episode of “Eat Bulaga” while holding the ultrasound of their baby. Now Juday is craving for “white food” including panna cotta, macaroni soup and turnips. Congratulations!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010 Live & Stay Healthy

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine.

Health is wealth. For a fulltime housewife like me health is not just wealth but it is the condition I need to be at all times to take care of my family, hubby and kids. I practically do everything at home: cleaning, laundry, ironing, cooking, washing and assisting kids in their school lessons. Every day is always a busy day for me so I need to be healthy, strong and stay fit to have the energy to do things I need too.

I came across this very informative site,, wherein I get to know and learn many things about health news, healthy living, nutritious and healthy recipes plus many videos I can watch to educate me more about weight loss, healthy eating and mental well-being.

I seldom eat pork and meat and I am more of fish and veggies. With that I know I will be healthy but I was wrong because there are still things I need to know more for me to stay fit and healthy housewife from the experts. This site is very helpful for me to have a healthier lifestyle that I can give to my family too. I do love the recipes and bits of information to learn more.

If you want to live healthy and have healthier lifestyles check them out. You can also sign up and enter their Twitter contest where you can have a chance to win a prize package which includes coupons for a year-long supply of Jennie-O Turkey Store product and a one-year gym membership, valued at $1,250. This promo runs February 24 to March 10.
Good luck and stay healthy!

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

House & Lot by Bellefort Estates

BELLEFORT ESTATES is a premier real estate development located in Molino, Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines. It offers first-class homes at an affordable price on its 110-hectare development. Choose from any of the three well-crafted house models:

• 3-BR (Bedroom) Charlotte model
• 4-BR (Bedroom) Sabine model
• 5-BR (Bedroom) Vivienne model

It is the first subdivision in the area that offers a distinct feature called the LINEAR PARK. An extra open space right next to your home located in almost every block. You can turn this extra patch of green into a playground, a garden, a venue for get-togethers, or your special sanctuary when you want to relax or bask in the refreshing outdoor climate.

Enjoy first class amenities at Bellefort Estates including an imposing country club, swimming pool, basketball court and other sports facilities, and more landscaped parks & playgrounds. It is only a few minutes away from SM Molino, Alabang Town Center and Festival Mall and surrounded by major schools, hospitals and other recreational facilities. You can enjoy easy access to Metro Manila, its suburbs and the cool city of Tagaytay through the various existing road network.

At Bellefort Estates, you get more than just a home.

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