Friday, November 30, 2012

Ads Zens as a MLM company

ADS ZENS was included on the list of companies that the SEC said have no license to sell securities and DTI launched an investigation into the activities of this multi-level marketing firm. On the other hand, Ads Zens operation manager Dexter Cortez clarified that the company does not sell securities but products ranging from Brazilian coffee to barley to organic soap to even equipment. He said that the company is recruiting members who can buy their products at a lower price and then re-sell it at a higher price to profit from it. Cortez also claimed that their operation is similar to Avon, Amway or Tupperware which are legitimate multilevel marketing.

Ads Zens says its business is legitimate

Monday, November 26, 2012

US Marine stabbed dead in Bel-Air

GEORGE ANIKOW, a member of the US Mission to the Philippines and spouse of a US Embassy employee, was stabbed by 4 men aboard a Volvo in Makati on November 24. A closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera recorded the incident and Rockwell securities were able to apprehend the 4 suspects namely Juan Alfonso Abastillas, Crispin dela Paz, Galicano Datu III, and Osric Cabrera.

FBI to conduct probe on US Marine's murder 
4 charged with murder of U.S. Marine 
Foreigner stabbed dead in Bel-Air
4 charged for death of US embassy employee’s spouse

Willie Revillame's new show @ TV5

Before Willie Revillame turns 52 on Janurary 27, 2013, a new game show will be born that will replace “Wil Time Bigtime.” Revillame promised bigger prizes, exciting games and an all-new show to his followers, and maybe in a new time slot too. The new format will showcase original segments and games including discovering a star, helping the needy and more. Teasers from Willie excite the fans to this much-awaited show that will surely comes a big hit too.

Willie Revillame Announces New Show

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

AMAN FUTURES officers & agents summoned

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has now summoned the officers and agents involved in the P12-billion Ponzi scheme (AMAN FUTURES) that victimized our 15,000 fellow Filipinos from Visayas and Mindanao.

HEAD - Manuel Amalilio or Mohammad Suffian Saaid
BOARD MEMBERS - Fernando Luna, Lelian Lim Gan, Eduard Lim, William Fuentes, Naezelle Rodriguez and Lurix Lopez
OFFICERS & AGENTS - Isagani Laluna, Nimfa Luna, Dhurwin Wenceslao, Donna Coyme, Vanessa Luna, Noel Luna, Reggie Luna, Araceli Pasco, Lezuy Caballero, Marilou Caballero, Rogelio Caballero, Marichu Caballero, Roderick Luna, Roy Aspera, Mike Heres, Edwin Caballero, Liezel Paner, Connie Paner, Edward Amaro, Marione Tan Paner, Elen Tan, Judy Amaro, Mike Wenceslao, Alfredo Aspera, Grace Empalmado, Ariel Empalmado, Yuyet Dumandan, Toto Roda, Edilberto Cabillo Elmidulan, Shiela Luna Lasaca, Ariel Real, Amay Caballero, Rey Tata Chang, Ernesto Luna, Marcelo Andale and Marlou Lasaca

I saw the news first in a newspaper and I can’t believe how wide the bad effect of this not until the news was featured on TV. I can’t help but feel bad for the victims not because holidays are nearing but the fact that these are their hard-earned money that just been robbed by these heartless people just like that.

It’s a reality that they engaged themselves in this scam because of the double-money scheme but how can this big thing happened without the local and national government protecting the people. Or how true that even some government agencies invest their funds on this? OMG!!!

'Aman Futures cashed out in Malaysia'
Jalosjos camp denies links to Aman Futures
DOJ probing other suspects in Aman Futures scam
Aman Futures scam to increase crime rate
Zambo cops face raps for 'protecting' Aman Futures
DepEd: Teachers were warned about Aman scam


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