Friday, September 30, 2011

Iligan's Diyandi Festival

The Iligan DIYANDI FESTIVAL is the official title for the city's month long cultural celebration. It concludes with the feast day of Saint Michael the Archangel on September 29.

The festival was established to promote Iligan's cultural identity. You see, Cebu has Sinulog, Davao has Kadayawan, and Iloilo has Dinagyang. Iligan has none. Of course, Iligan should have one.

So in 2004, the Iligan City Council passed and approved a resolution establishing Diyandi Festival as the tourism name of Iligan.

Today, the fiesta celebration developed into a much bigger and more culturally charged celebration.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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Tangub's Dalit Festival

DALIT FESTIVAL is Tangubanon's simple way of saying “Mabuhay and Welcome to Tangub” as they celebrate the feast of Saint Michael, the Archangel every September. Dalit means “offering,” that shows the extraordinary way of fostering, friendship, unity, and love of all Tangubanons to their visitors. Rituals and dances that portrays the Filipino way of life are some of the various activities and presentations.

The symbolic dalit is realistically felt during the dance festival where the different ethnic dances of the various tribal groups of the country, especially those of the native Subanos, are depicted. The festival is opened with the offering of a live goat, killed by the wildlife hunters after the blessings of the tribal head are made. This is a revival of the old tribal custom of expressing thanks for peace, a bountiful and all the blessings bestowed by God.

The dalit is being modernized by offering also the selected beauties dressed in their ethnic costumes in their ethnic costumes who would reign during the evening festivities.

The dalit during the fourteenth Charter Day Anniversary in 1982 was recorded on videotape by the city administration. Historically, the colored videotape film of the said anniversary serves as a lasting souvenir and is worth showing not only to the resident of Tangub but also to the neighboring towns and provinces and to future generations.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tacurong's Talakudong Festival

TALAKUDONG FESTIVAL is a cultural display shown in exhilarating street dancing and field demonstrations using exotically decorated talakudong. As a cultural demonstrations, it was first seen in the streets in 1976, when then Tacurong municipality observed its 25th founding year. It is celebrated every September 18 of the year and symbolizes the heritage of the City of Tacurong. The Festival consist of several performers such as a organizations and most commonly the different schools who joined in this competition. The competition was divided in 2, first: The Street Dancing Competition and Second: The Field Demonstration.

Talakudong is a head-covering festival that lends itself to the history of the place. It is a Maguindanaoan word used to refer to something that covers the head against the sun and rain. From Talakudong, the name Takurong evolved which the Ilonggos had claimed to be the origin. Takurong is an Ilonggo dialect that means ‘something or anything that covers the head’.

The main props of each performer is a "Salakot" or "Sadok". A head covering of our ancestors wherein Talakudong patronize it. The "Salakot" or "Sadok" would be creative and has a different paints in order it will be attractive in the eyes of critics.

Monday, September 19, 2011

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My Fair Lady @ ABS-CBN Network

Kapamilya Gold presents "My Fair Lady" which started today, September 19. I love Yoon Eun Hye in her role in "Princess Hours" and really excited to watch her in this new telenovela.

Yoon Eun Hye or popularly known as Janelle in “Princess Hours,” returns on television not as a princess but as a stubborn, rich, spoiled brat in the newest romantic comedy “My Fair Lady.”

Meet Hanna Kang, a woman desired by men and envied by many women. Being the only successor to the Kang San Group, she has the looks, the fortune, and unfortunately, the mean attitude as well. Hanna will then find her match in the person of Johan Seo, who will turn her world upside down when he became her personal butler.

Our Lady of Peñafrancia Festival

The OUR LADY OF PEÑAFRANCIA FESTIVAL is celebrated on the third Saturday of September in Naga City, Bicol. The feast day is preceded by a novena, nine days of prayer, in honor of the Virgin. On the first day, the image of the Virgin, a copy of the Madonna in Peñafrancia, Spain, is brought from its shrine to the Naga Cathedral where the novena is held. On the last day, the image is returned to her shrine following the Naga River route. The colorful evening procession is lit by thousands of candles from devotees in boats escorting the image. When the barge reaches its destination, the devotees shout "Viva la Virgen" (Long live the Virgin!) and the image is brought back in a procession to the cathedral.

According to locals, a Spanish government official from Peñafrancia, Spain, settled with his family in Cavite in 1712. One day, his daughter fell ill and the family prayed for her recovery to the famous Madonna of Peñafrancia, a picture of whom was in their possession. When the daughter recovered, the father vowed to build a chapel in honor of Our Lady of Peñafrancia in Manila. However, since he was being detained in Nueva Caceras, he built the chapel in that city, now known as Naga, instead.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Voyadores Festival

VOYADORES FESTIVAL is being celebrated in Naga City every 3rd Friday of September. The Virgin's image is borne on the shoulders of her male devotees, and her voyage back in a fluvial procession along the Bicol River. It is named after the male devotees (voyadores) who accompany and carry the Virgin’s image in a procession called "Traslacion" for a Novena at the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Talisaynons' Minuluan Festival

MINULUAN FESTIVAL is an annual culture and arts festival celebrating the unique identity of the Talisaynons. Held every September 4-10, it inspires the present generation with cherish traditions and rich culture of the past and the bravery of its ancestors especially Captain Sabi who single handedly drove away Moro intruders. The festival likewise celebrates the feast of its patron saint, San Nicolas de Tolentino which falls on September 10.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bais City's Sipong Festival

Thanksgiving was also one of the main themes of the number from Bais City. It was for their SIPONG FESTIVAL, celebrated every September 7, inspired by sipong, a thanksgiving gathering. “The Baisnons traditionally celebrate their bountiful harvest with merrymaking…comprising a Holy Mass, dancing, a tabo, agri-fair and other post harvest activities,” they explained. Bais, like most of the towns of the country, is an agricultural city, and its main crop is sugarcane, covering 36 percent of the cultivated land.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Handuraw Festival of Leon, Iloilo

HANDURAW FESTIVAL, or “to reminisce,” is an annual dramatic cultural presentation that commemorates the transfer of Pueblo del Camando (old site of the municipality) to Sitio Capan (the present site of the municipality). It is being celebrated in Leon, Iloilo every September 1.

The weeklong event include food festival and trade fair that include a wide range of locally made merchandise like baskets, handicrafts and furniture. In addition, some stalls also offer a wide array of agricultural produce from the mountain barangays in the area.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sarakiki-Hadang Festival @ Calbayog City

Calbayog City in Western Samar celebrates annually the SARAKIKI-HADANG FESTIVAL every September 1-8. Came from a Waray word, "Sarakiki" means a movement of a rooster who's trying to mate with a female chicken or a rooster tries to challenge a fight with another rooster. The word refers to the act of praising to gods or spirits, while "Hadang" is a ritual dance of appreciations.

The said festival is a colorful celebration on expression of rhythmic dance which is believed to cure illness, showing gratitude to gods for good bountiful harvest and guidance when engaging in a battle. The first Sarakiki-Hadang Festival has been performed in the mid-90's and from then on the people from Western Samar continue the celebration aiming to unify everyone as a single community.

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