Saturday, May 30, 2009

AMIClubwear $300 gift certificate giveaway @ YouTube

AMIClubwear is such a perfect site for women of substance and fashion. If you want the hottest and the latest in fashion from your head down to your feet check out AMI and feel fabulous. Being “in” does not need to be costly at AMI. They have vast selection of products like cosmetics, accessories, swimsuits, clothing, shoes and more at reasonable prices.

Recently, April of this year, AMI goes on YouTube to reach more women and the fashionistas out there to give more insightful videos. AMI’s YouTube page will share style tips, make-up tutorials and a lot more to give women from all walks of life helpful tips and tutorials to stay in fashion and be beautiful. In regard to the launching of AMI’s YouTube page, they will be giving away $300 worth of gift certificates to a lucky subscriber. Sounds great and easy, isn’t it? If you want to know if you are qualified and for the official contest rules check it out at for the details.

I already checked on their YouTube page and I found the Curling Hair Tutorial of Megan very helpful to me. I and my daughter have straight hair and with this video it tickles my imagination that we could play in styling our hairs on special occasions. My daughter is kind of a fashionista so when I showed her the video she was very happy to see the tricks.

Subscribe now on AMI’s YouTube page to get an update on their tips, tutorials and the latest buzz plus get a chance to win the $300 gift certificate. Hurry and good luck!!!


Back to school (SY 2009-2010)

On Monday, June 1, is the first day of school for public schools’ students. No wonder why Divisoria is jam-packed with parents and kids rushing out to buy uniforms and school materials. My daughter (St. Matthew College, San Mateo, Rizal) will starts on June 8 while my boy (Virgen Del Pilar School, Montalban, Rizal) on June 15.

In that regard, the family went out shopping for some groceries in Puregold San Mateo branch today. We delivered the items in our family business located at San Juan’s Agora Mall. The family sells dry goods and it’s been my family business for decades already. Right now my parents are the ones who personally manage the business since I and my 2 other sisters are incapable of being there. We help them financially and later on I am planning to take over the business after my husband’s retirement. Usually during vacation is the downside season for our store so now that students are back to school again we’re also back to business. I just hope that despite the crisis and the lay offs our business will still go strong as usual.

So to all the students out there, as what Michael Kors said in Project Runway: Study! Study! Study!

Mesothelioma: Cancer caused by Asbestos exposure

Do you know that Asbestos is a very useful mineral? This mineral was termed the “miracle mineral” because it was once used in the production of things and it could add strength to products and resist fire. Sounds good indeed that is why it is being commonly used in the production of commercial products like cements and joint products, floor tile, pipe coverings, insulation and fireproofing and more.

From the good side of it comes the bad and worst part of it. Asbestos exposure not only of workers but their family members and those residents living close to asbestos factories and mines are prone to have Mesothelioma. What is it? It is a form of cancer most commonly caused by asbestos exposure which is extremely difficult to detect in the early stages until the most serious stages. Late diagnosis may cause victims to have less than a year to survive. Fortunate for those victims diagnosed at an early stage. They have the highest rate of survival due to medical treatments available to cure the disease.

I know it’s kind of hard to find out one day that our loved one is infected by Mesothelioma, emotionally and financially stressful for the family to undergo. But we need to know because early detection the better chances we have. is an online mesothelioma resource that provides valuable information about asbestos exposure, mesothelioma diagnosis, treatments for the disease, legal rights and much more. They could provide Mesothelioma Lawyer that can lay down everything we need to know when it comes to our legal options.

If you think you need to check them do it now before it’s too late.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Children moment @ Splash Island

The Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) Metro Manila Chapter and Kasangga Mo Ang Langit Foundation will held a celebration for the 4th year anniversary of 777 Media Forum and commemorates the death anniversary of Reyster Langit. On May 30, deaf and mute children will be treated for a one whole day of water excitement and games in the world class facilities of Splash Island Global Gutz Park Philippines.

This worthy endeavor will be the first and be done yearly as a social responsibility of Splash Island Global Gutz Park Philippines to treat special children for a one whole day of memorable experience. Among the other sponsors for this event are CEBU PACIFIC AIRLINES, JG SUMMIT, DUTY FREE PHILIPPINES, SKAL and MANILA INTERNATIIONAL AIRPORT AUTHORITY.

Children will be placed inside the Human Bubble to signify the start of the relay games within the white sand harbor of Agos Grandes, the original waving pool. Kids will have the rest of the day to enjoy the pools and the 12 water slides of the resort.

Hayden Kho & Katrina Halili: Love & betrayal

I knew about the Senate joint committee probe on Hayden Kho’s sex videos will be held today, Thursday, but I was not able to watch it on ANC coz I need to rest for tonight’s online tasks. Everyday from morning to evening, you will hear developments on this very sensational issue. Personally, as a mother I would have want this probe be held private (Executive Session) and that news about it gradually meets its end. I’m afraid that kids might be curious to ask about it seeing those blind pictures and videos on TV and that something untimely and unhealthy to discuss with them.

We indeed need laws about it however our lawmakers may consider finding the best possible way to do it considering the welfare of kids. As to the culprits and victims, let’s face it you do have your share on such irresponsible and immoral acts and get your fair share on the shame and judgment from the people.

Katrina Halili
Water-dousing incident on Senate probe
Senate probe on sex videos & drugs
Katrina Halili felt betrayed

Friday, May 22, 2009

Richard Gutierrez injured in car accident

I first heard the news over the radio about Actor Richard Gutierrez’s car accident early Friday morning along Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa Rd., Silang Cavite. Shocked and curious about it I decided to watch TV Patrol for the coverage. When I saw the footage gosh I am shocked with the look of the wrecked Nissan Skyline GTR of the actor. Richard, according to Ruffa Gutierrez (eldest sister), has a long deep cut near his eye and eyebrow that required more than 10 stitches and some small cuts on his face were also stitched. Also, the actor needs a cornea operation because some pieces of glass went into his eyes. He was rushed to the Asian Hospital Medical Center in Alabang after his car crashed into a post at 1:30am.

Ruffa said that the actor is out of danger already as well as his bodyguard, George Mastura, but the actor’s assistant Norman Pardo was declared dead on arrival at Adventist University of the Philippines.

Richard and his companions were the 7th victims on that particular semi-curved road, according to Putting Kahoy police.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kris Allen wins American Idol title

The American Idol Season 8 is over and Kris Allen from Arkansas won the title. Allen seems to disbelieve hearing Ryan Seacrest mentioning his name as the winner. Well he seems to be the underdog as compared to Adam Lambert’s commanding vocal range and stage presence plus the judges’ adoration over him but personally I still prefer Kris Allen for the title. I do not like high notes and pitchy voice of Adam plus his music. On the other hand, Allen’s use of piano and guitar while singing is a plus for me aside from the fact that he sang great songs. He is such a good looking guy too but taken already, ouch!

More of the finale here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

YouTube & Lyrics of Charice "Note to God" @ Oprah

Charice Pempengco performs her debut single on her third appearance in the popular American talk show’s Oprah Winfrey Show. Her “Note to God” song is partly an emotional prayer whose lyrics are about what one would say in a letter to God. I have seen the YouTube of the said performance and I myself can’t avoid be teary eyed as I listen to it. The lyrics, the melody and how Charice emotionally performed the said song was really very inspiring.

It is a reality indeed that there are so many wrongs that have been happening around the world: poverty, corruption, killings, wars, down economy and more. With that I think this song is very timely and inspiring that we all make our note to God. Let us not only see the great performance of Charice here and the song but moreover the inspiration it brings to make our own note to God amidst everything. Peace & Love to everyone.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Web hosting rating & reviews

Webhosting is an indispensable issue for bloggers like me. I am maintaining two blogs, my very first Housewife @ Work under free hosting and I owned the other one given to me by a dear BFFB (Best Friend Forever Blogger) Che and that’s my A Mother’s Stuff which is a Travel Blog. Having the two blogs I must say that owning your domain is really more convenient and flexible to have. You have the freedom and control over your blog in every inch and every corner of it. Isn’t much good?

But owning a domain entails a great partner indeed and that’s where our choice for the best web host provider comes in the picture. Where else in the net you can find the best provider we can have? One of the best sites indeed is for both domain and web hosting concerns. This site not only gives us valuable information about owning our domain and getting the best web host provider but moreover it gives us significant information from the real customers sharing their bad and good experiences on the services they availed of. It is something very important to give us beforehand how best or how worst those available providers we have on hand.

They also have Web Hosting News for updates, informative issues and relevant articles roaming around domain and web hosting matters. Check them out so you will be guided accordingly in picking the best web host provider for you.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Judy Ann & Ryan Agoncillo's Unchanging Love

The Judy Ann and Ryan wedding special entitled “Unchanging Love” will be shown at ABS-CBN this coming Sunday night (May 17) at 9:30pm and the follow up on May 24.

Although the wedding was done in very silent and private affair I am expecting that they will allow their Network to have a special show for that and I was right. The couple is only after on the sanctity and solemnity of the ceremony and as we saw after the special day were interviews, photos and videos of said wedding of the year proliferated in the tri-media.

Congratulations to Judy Ann and Ryan for having achieved their dreamed wedding. Best Wishes too for the long road ahead of you as husband and wife.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ABS-CBN's Boys over Flowers

I just came to watch the newest show of ABS-CBN’s “Boys over Flowers” yesterday while busy updating my account on Shared Review. Hubby is kind of scrolling the channels for English movie but he found no good one so he switched back to Channel 8.

The show is kind of entertaining especially the character of Geum Jan Di (Koo Hye-Sun) but I am a bit skeptical if I will continue to allow her to watch the show because of some nasty attitudes of the rich students. On the other hand, I guess it’s a reality that those instances really did happen so I decided to allow her with my guidance.

We are currently following the show and I am interested to know how this miserable girl will get the love of all or some of the F4.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

David Cook & David Archuleta Live in Manila

David Cook and David Archuleta are in Manila for a concert. Jomari Yllana’s group, Fearless, produced the concert of the two famous American Idols dubbed as “David and David: Live in Manila". Said concert will be held on May 16 at the Concert Grounds of SM Mall of Asia. You’re invitations via videos from the two hottest and boys next door of America below by waytokim:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Personal Stuff: My girl turns 9

Tomorrow is the 9th birthday of my daughter. Time flies so fast that on 12:11pm of May 12, 2000 (Friday) I gave birth to a baby girl who is now a young lady. There were times of arguments and misunderstandings but I hope you understand me and papa that we just wanted you to be a good person inside and out and life is not that easy to take. The road in front of you is still a long way, a long journey to take and I hope you will always remember our words of wisdom as you go on with life. myspace graphic comments

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sa Ugoy ng Duyan (Lulling Cradle) lyrics

Hello mommies!!! I am an avid follower of “May Bukas Pa” (There’s Still Tomorrow) and I am really very touched when they play extracts of the song “Sa Ugoy ng Duyan.” Believe me I almost cried every time I heard their version of this song. I dedicate this song to all the mothers in the world and most especially to those kids out there who are longing for a mom's love and for others who ignore or so harsh on their moms. We must always remember that there's nothing pure and tested than a mother's love.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Two days from now it’s MOTHER’S DAY. On TV, I see on teleseryes how they give importance to all the amazing and wonderful mothers out there like me, hehehe. In my favorite “May Bukas Pa” (There’s Still Tomorrow), Lorna Tolentino plays the role of a mother looking for her lost child kidnapped by their family driver 7 years ago. Would really be it Santino??? Well, that’s all we have to find out.

I became a mother 9 years ago. Time really flies so fast but my journey since then and until now keeps lingering in my mind and heart. It was not easy but enriching and fulfilling. Being a mom is truly a tough job. It is a 24/7 job, unending and unselfish.

To all the mothers in the world, the big day is nearing. Have a fun-filled and love-filled day with your love ones.

Being a mom concerns not only of what we can give to our kids but what we have to give up from ourselves in the name of love for them. - Crissy

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Perfect summer dress on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is nearing and the family is preparing for a day of aqua thrills and adventure on that special day for mothers like me. Glad the sun is shining again after typhoon “Emong” (Chan-hom) and that means it’s a go, go, go for us this coming Sunday. Why Splash Island Resort? Well on Sunday that’s gonna be the 4th time for the family to visit this world class resort and I saw how happy my kids are when at the resort. As a mother, what makes my kids happy I go for it.

But wait!!! I need a perfect summer dress to complete the special occasion. It’s a day of fun and splash so I need something not too sexy but not too oldies, hihihi. Anyway, I know the internet will help me with that and give me the perfect wear idea on my special day.

Ohhh! What a site? I found this great site, Amiclubwear, on the net and I saw their huge collection of apparel, accessories, shoes, swimsuits, cosmetics and more for girls. I saw their clothing line with range of styles of Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and more. I watch “Project Runway” and I adore Kors on his meticulous and high taste in the fashion world. Amiclubwear’s summer dress collection is perfect. I checked on the styles and they are all amazing in every style. I love purple and I think their purple multi color smock tube strapless dress will be perfect for me. The strapless smock tube style looks sexy and the free flowing hemline is great and comfortable.

This site is really amazing. For girls out there in trouble like me check them out to find the answer. Amiclubwear, for your head to foot daily wear needs.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Concessionares @ Splash Island Resort

During outing we usually think of food and drinks to bring with us so that we can save more. But resorts usually do not allow food and drinks inside their facilities because they have their own concessionares to cater their guests. The resorts allow concessionares not only for income concern but to give their guests more convenience in their outing. Actually it is kind of hard too because if you are planning to bring food you need to go to market, prepare and cook everything plus the burden of transporting it. Sometimes the danger of having your packed food to be contaminated by bacteria makes it more practical to buy food inside the resort.

I thought before that food inside resorts are usually expensive based on my experiences with some resorts but not at Splash Island Resort. There are plenty of concessionares offering food and drinks at reasonable prices inside these world class facilities. Check the slide below:

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Human Bubble Challenge @ Splash Island Resort

We went to Splash Island Resort for the 3rd time for Home Radio 97 dot 9 Big Summer Splash. They held their version of “The Amazing Race” where participating teams of 8 will undergo to several obstacles and of course time is of the essence. The race practically made use of the world class facilities of the resort and one of those is the “Agos Grandes” (wave pool). In here they do the Human Bubble Challenge and to check how it goes see the video below.

Sports buzz: Pacman wins over the Hitman

I know there are lots of articles of congratulatory messages but I still insist to make mine, hehehe. It was indeed a job well done again for Manny Pacman” Pacquiao over Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton in their “Battle of the East & West” Junior Welterweight Championship. The world saw the much awaited fight and I am just curious about Coach Floyd Mayweather Sr after doing such nasty talks, LOL.

To Manny, my hearty congratulations for bringing honor to our country again and hopefully you change your mind about “politics.”

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