Thursday, June 27, 2013

My 40th birthday

Does really life begins at 40? Well I guess for me living life with a more mature perspective can be a good start of a new and promising life and age doesn't matter. Maybe it just coincided in my 40th birthday that I have been through many troubles of life in the past, even in relationship, that I could say this birthday of mine marks a new life and start of a new beginning for me.
A new life and a start of a new beginning with lessons learned of the past in mind, with a more open and understanding mind and heart, a more mature mother and wife and a stronger faith in God. 
I thank God for the things that had happened, the good and the bad, the happy and sad ones because it made me mature as a person. I thank you for the people around me who loves and truly care for me. I thank you for giving 2 angels in my life that serves as my sources of strength, inspiration and courage. I thank you for giving me my husband. Apart from the flowers and cake he gave me on my birthday, I thanked him for everything that had happened between us. A relationship we always managed to stand up for amidst any troubles and issues. A love that survived, continue to mature and keeps stronger than ever because of the past. The happy moments he showered me and the sad ones he tried to avoid on happening again. Those special moments and heart-to-heart talk of assurance that it's only me and the kids that matters him most. The seen and unseen make ups for his shortcomings. For his understanding and support to me.
I thank you Lord for everything and may you continue to shower me with your blessings and guidance. Make me worth the life I borrowed from thee.

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