Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bachelor of Education @ Nipissing University

The Nipissing University has branches in North Bay, Brantford and Muskoka District in Ontario Canada. The Nipissing University Act of 1992 created the Nipissing University and dissolved the Nipissing College. It became a chartered university on December 10, 1992. Said act elaborated the structure and duties of the Board and Senate, established the positions of Chancellor and President as well as their roles and method of appointment, and outlined the transition matters between the former college and the new university. The Act was amended in 2001 to allow Nipissing University the power and authority to grant “any and all degrees, honorary degrees and diplomas in all branches of learning.” Also, minor amendments were made to clarify terms of office for Board and Senate members.

Currently, the Nipissing University is accepting applicants to the Bachelor of Education program with the following qualifications: must hold a recognized undergraduate degree, all required teachable subject courses and be able to provide a transcript indicating that the degree has been conferred by June 2012 to be considered. Also, applicants must have a minimum of ten full courses (20 semester courses) to their undergraduate degree, not including advanced standing credit, to be eligible for consideration.

As part of Nipissing University’s policy, it encourages applicants who are aboriginal, members of visible minorities and differently-abled persons. Upon receipt of application, information will be sent for self-identifying but applicants under special admission criteria must still meet the minimum admission requirements.

Slots in the Bachelor of Education program are limited. Primarily, the selection of candidates will be based on academic achievement. Hurry and check out their website because the first round of offers of admission will be on April 1, 2012.

Updates: Will AJ Sereno appear or not?

At times, public officials being trialed are faced between laws versus morality. Being a public servant is a noble profession because you vowed to serve the people even at a not so attractive remuneration. Temptations are left and right, up and down (should I say 360 degrees).

In the case of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona’s Impeachment Trial, though I could say I heard most of the trials over the radio to be updated, I am still confused on how the evidences need to be treated:

BANK STATEMENTS – The Impeachment Court was presented by a xerox copy of CJ Corona’s peso and dollar accounts. Although the SC issued a TRO in favor of PS Bank not to allow the opening of information pertaining to the dollar accounts, the court discussed the remaining peso accounts. I am confused on the fact that it was a xerox copy handed down to the prosecution team but claimed to be illegally supplied by unknown individual/s, will it be part of the evidence since PS Bank claimed the accounts were once existed? Will it serve as an evidence for the defense to prove the legality of the source/s of the funds notwithstanding the questions of legality on how such evidence was gathered?

DISSENTING OPINION OF ASSOCIATE JUSTICE SERENO – I heard about part of the content of AJ Sereno’s dissenting opinion when DOJ Secretary de Lima testified. Apart of being an appointee of President Aquino and to preserve the equality of the three branches, I would hope and pray that AJ Sereno will present herself to shed light about her dissenting opinion and not to consider such as hearsay. For love to the Filipino people and the country, and to show the world that in the name of justice the three branches can act together to let the truth prevail and justice will be served, I hope AJ Sereno will present herself.

May we all continue to listen or watch the ongoing Impeachment Trial not just to educate ourselves, not just seeing ourselves as a Filipino, but moreover a trial to see that each and every one of us is equal under the law.

Sereno: Judicial privilege is not absolute
Corona's lawyers oppose Sereno testimony
Defense unperturbed at possible Sereno testimony
INTERACTIVE: Carpio, Sereno want Corona's dollar accounts revealed
Enrile mulls over proposed Sereno questionnaire
Prosecution 'concerned' for Sereno
Senator-judges to discuss proposed Sereno testimony

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sibunag, Guimaras Balsahan Festival

BALSAHAN FESTIVAL  is being celebrated every 20th day of February by the municipality of Sibunag in Guimaras. It is Sibunag’s way of immortalizing the mystical Sibunag River which makes its way thru most of the town’s barangays. It is a major geographical feature of the town’s barangays. The river holds many interesting myths and legends that are sure to tickle one’s imagination, and whet one’s appetite to unravel its secrets. Use of the Balsa in your trek for some satisfying discoveries you will pleasantly rewarded.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Babaylan Festival @ Bago, Negros Occidental

BABAYLAN FESTIVAL is a newly conceptualized activity by the City of Bago, Negros Occidental. It is being celebrated during the Charter Anniversary every 19th of February. The festival is based on the rituals performed by the Babaylans, like rituals on marriage, baptism, healing, harvest and others. Babaylans get their healing powers from the unseen spirits. Dancing, singing, and drumming to these spirits are standard, as the people are adorned in intricate and beautiful costumes.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

FREE Zip Line or High Rope adventure @ Splash Island

SPLASH ISLAND is open daily starting February 25, 2012.


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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Updates: Stop Impeachment Trial, Archbishop Arguelles

I respect the opinion of Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles urging to stop the impeachment trial of SC CJ Renato Corona claiming it’s nowhere to go, boring and grandstanding of senator-judges. The archbishop also believes that the chief justice should be tried in a regular court. On the other hand, impeachment for some high positions in the government is the sole authority given to the Senate to act as Impeachment Court.

I once saw SC CJ Corona in a TV Patrol report raising his head and hands up in the sky thanking the Good Lord for something. But I hope when he put down his head and hands will come to ask himself if he can bears what’s happening in the country because of his trial. I also once saw his speech in the Supreme Court denying categorically that not all the properties alleged by the prosecutors to be his. I expect so much that he and his legal counsels will be more liberal than the prosecution team because he can prove without an iota of doubt his innocence.

But what is happening in the Impeachment Trial is completely the opposite. His legal counsels are so defensive of his legal rights and using every word of law to protect him. I may not be a lawyer but as a person I would rather waive all my legal rights not only to expedite the proceedings but to prove my innocence the soonest possible time and give this country not only peace but the truth.

I can’t bear personally how hard it was for these bank officials to be involved harshly in this proceeding. But you CJ Corona can do a big favor to them by giving your consent to divulge your accounts with them. The Filipino people need answers than questions. Give not only yourself but the Filipino people a speedy trial. You claimed it as an attack to the judiciary branch. Well then the more you need to make personal sacrifices for the truth to come out now, not later.

At times I tend to appreciate the greatness of former Justice Cuevas in the trial, as how he knows the law well. But I hope sir that even this trial goes a long way you use your knowledge on the side of the truth and to serve justice.

Palace: PNoy not calling for People Power vs Corona
Corona may sue prosecutors over bank records
Closure of Corona bank accounts suspicious - Palace
Senate subpoenas Mrs. Corona's accounts
House leaders confident of evidence vs Corona

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baler, Aurora's Suman Festival

The “SUMAN FESTIVAL” is the biggest and grandest of all feasts in Baler, Aurora with a weeklong celebration from February 14 – 19. It features parade of floats uniquely designed, main streets and homes are decked with suman (a native delicacy), trade exhibits, fairs and competitions, and capped by the Search for Ms. Aurora.

Suman is the Filipino steamed rice cake. It comes in as many different forms as there are provinces, but the basic recipes is waxy (sweet) rice wrapped in leaves, then cooked. Suman is the ritual gift of HAGISAN. It is cooked with great enthusiasm by Tayabenses because Hagisan is an opportunity to share their prosperity. Bundles of suman are gaily tied in the pabitin, which is made out of a special kind of bamboo called bagakay.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Parañaque's Sambalilo Festival

City of Parañaque celebrates “SAMBALILO FESTIVAL” every February 13. The term “sambalilo” originated from the Spanish word “sombrero,” which means hat. It signifies the costume of hardworking Parañaqueños during the era of salt-making, when they would done large hats to shield them from the sun as they worked on the salt beds.

According to former Mayor Joey Marquez, “It is also one way of promoting Parañaqueñas of the National Capital Region and the city as a Philippine tourist destination.”

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pabalhas sa Tablas Festival of Candoni

PABALHAS SA TABLAS” is an annual festival of Candoni, Negros Occidental being celebrated on February 11. The concept originated from the actual history of Candoni where a group of settlers (composed of Isabeleños, Hinigaranon, Ilonggo, etc.) decided to look for a land in which they can call their own.

It features Tribal Street Dancing and Arena Presentation depicting the struggles and triumph of the forefathers who braved and trailblazed the wilds of southern Negros and set up a new settlement called Tablas. Tablas is now called the Municipality of Candoni.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Miagao, Iloilo's Salakayan Festival

Salakayan, coined from a Hiligaynon term “salakay” or “to attack,” is a street dance-drama that merges arts, lore and customs of the town. It tells of personal power and daily activities of the people. The main theme depicts the victorious battle waged by the locals against Muslim marauders sometime in 1754. An important historical occasion for the people of Miag-ao, this annual festivity attracts guests to its weeklong activity of Food Fair, Agro-industrial and Trade Fair, Fluvial Parade, Higante contest, Literary Musical contest, Evening Socials and the hablon and patadyong Fashion show.

Celebrated during the first week of February, SALAKAYAN FESTIVAL is held at the historical municipality of Miagao in Iloilo province. For travelers from Manila City and Cebu City who like to observe this special festival, they can reach Miagao by two ways. First, they can go to the airports of the cities and take flights to the airport of Iloilo province. Some of the airlines in the airports that have flights to the place are Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. Second, individuals can ride in vessels at the seaports of the cities that are bound to Iloilo. Form Iloilo airport and seaport, there are jeepneys and taxis that can transport people to Miagao.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Updates: SC CJ Renato Corona's Impeachment Trial


If I am SC Chief Justice Corona I will resign.
Why? My appointment is questionable, to let President Aquino choose among the candidates of JBC, and to give this country peace.
If I am SC Chief Justice Corona I will waive all my legal rights to expedite the impeachment trial proceedings.
Why? If I truly believe that I served and did my job with all honesty, dedication, transparency and respect to the institution where I belonged, it will not be an issue.
If I am SC Chief Justice Corona I will command my counsels not to be so legally technical in the impeachment proceedings.
Why? It brings doubt than enlightenment and causes delay in the proceedings.
If I am SC Chief Justice Corona I will let my bank records be opened to public.
Why? If I have nothing to hide, it is not a violation against "bank secrecy law," it is allowed under the law in view of an impeachment trial, and not to create havoc again to people like what happened in former President Estrada's impeachment trial.
If I am SC Chief Justice Corona I will not ask the Supreme Court to stop the impeachment trial.
Why? It is the only forum and sole way where I can prove my innocence to the Filipino people.
BUT I am not SC Chief Justice Renato Corona.

“One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised.” ~~ Chinua Achebe

Corona had P19.7M by end-2010: bank records
Corona's SALNs: 2002 to 2010
PSBank president reveals Corona bank accounts
PSBank exec fails to bring CJ dollar accounts
PSBank seeks SC TRO vs subpoena for Corona records
PSBank's Garcia is 'seasoned,' 'won't play games,' fellow bankers say
Senate stands by decision to subpoena CJ bank records
Suarez wants probe of leak of CJ bank docs

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

High rope's adventure @ Splash Island

Experience the NEW HIGH ROPE ADVENTURE at SPLASH ISLAND. It is the  newest facility for the summer of 2012. Develop your child's confidence, bring out the best in your child's ability to interact. treasure the bonding moments with your family and friends at the BIGGEST ADVENTURE PARK IN THE PHILIPPINES.......NOT ALL PARKS ARE CREATED EQUAL...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Kris & James marriage annulled

It’s over! It is officially in the news that the marriage of Kris Aquino to James Yap was annulled. The lack of authority of the solemnizing officer is the pertinent reason for the annulment. Kris is very generous to James about his visiting rights and James cooperated very well in the separation of properties. Both Kris and James remained friends for the sake of their son, Bimby.

Kris won't ask for paternal support from James
Kris: James and I are friends
Kris-James marriage 'null and void'
Kris, James divide property
Kris: Yes, marriage to James annulled

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Splash Island's February promos


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2012 is year of the WATER DRAGON @ SPLASH ISLAND with 12 GIANT Slides, ZIP LINE, WALL CLIMBING, PAINTBALL, SEGWAY, MINI GOLF Course, TRAMPOLINE, LIVE BAND, LUAU DANCERS, FIRE DANCERS and DRUM BEATERS........ENJOY UNLIMITED SUMMER only @ Splash Island, Southwoods Exit SLEX, Binan, Laguna.....It's More fun in the Philippines!!!

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