Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our 6 year old Christmas Tree

Christmas is fast approaching and it will never be complete without assembling our 6 year old 7 feet Christmas tree. My kids are always excited setting it but I guess more even excited with the boxes beneath it, hehehe. We bought the tree along Divisoria around September of 2002 and it only cost us P2,500 as compared buying it in the mall.

Each year we buy additional decors to fill the tree and I guess we need to buy more to fill the other spaces. As to decors, I preferred buying in the mall as they really selling great decors with all the unique and glittering designs.

It is only 34 days before Christmas so let me greet you ahead of time my dear friends and readers a Merry and Blessed Christmas! Let love and giving be in our hearts on this special day and always.

Charice @ Good Morning America

Charice made a guest performance in America’s top rating show “Good Morning America.” I was in the kitchen when I heard over the news on TV the said performance of Charice who sang Whitney Houston chart-toppers "I Have Nothing" and "I Will Always Love You" for the show.

Her appearance on the show is to promote David Foster's new CD-DVD "Hitman: David Foster & Friends" wherein Charice and other several performers included in the album like Kenny G., Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Brian McKnight, Katharine McPhee, Andrea Bocelli and Dion. She stays in the US for 3 months for the recording of her first international album which is set to release early on 2009.

From small time singing contest to nationwide TV and now international performances, Charice with her handler David Foster will ultimately make her way to international singing career and stardom and will always be one of Philippines pride.

Video care of marlejen08.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Manny Villar resigned, Juan Ponce Enrile new Senate President

I just went out for some kitchen shopping in the neighborhood selling Noritake brand at very low prices and the big news came out from the radio. One of the possible presidentiable candidates for the 2010 election and currently the Senate President, Senator Manny Villar, resigned from its position. There are many speculations as to the real reason for his resignation but for whatever reason it may caused him Senator Juan Ponce Enrile took his position after being nominated by Senator Ping Lacson. Also, Senator Allan Peter Cayetano resigned from his position too as chairman of the powerful Blue Ribbon Committee. There are more news to come as to other resignations and changes on leaderships so I guess this happening will be on the news in days to come.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pinoy Fear Factor

The Philippine version of the reality television series Fear Factor, Pinoy Fear Factor, will air beginning November 10 and expected to run until February of 2009 (15 weeks). The host of the show is Ryan Agoncillo and the location is in Argentina, South America.

The winner, The Ultimate Participant, will get 2 million pesos and a house and lot. The theme song of the show was sang by Chivas Malunda of Pinoy Dream Academy 2 (PDA2) and will run on ABS-CBN’s primetime bida on weekdays after “I Love Betty La Fea.” Below are the 12 participants of the show:

  • Veterinarian Elmer is a two-time medical board exam flunker who never gave up until he got what he wanted. With fears on drowning and exotic edibles, this Kapampangan hunk must re-summon his competitive spirit to withstand unfamiliar challenges.
  • Model Gail is the Bikini Summit '07 winner who is scared of heights and dark places. She is used to pressure being a Lady Tiger Spiker and the breadwinner of her family.
  • Stand-up comedienne Janna fears spiders and closed spaces. She is determined to become "Pinoy Fear Factor's" first El Ultimo Participante`.
  • Model Jommy was a playboy until he almost died after being beaten up for allegedly sleeping with a married woman. Now a changed man, Jommy makes another bold move by joining the reality game show.
  • Fil-Spanish Jose is an aspiring chef who has lived a life of "exclusives." Educated in an exclusive school and brought up in an exclusive village, Jose joined "Pinoy Fear Factor" not to be the ultimate conio but the first El Ultimo Participante`.
  • Former actress turned preschool teacher LJ is unafraid to take responsibility and take risks. An extreme sports enthusiast, she is poised to make an impact, however fearful or extreme the situation may be.
  • Self-employed Manuel is an unwed father of a four-year old girl. A former womanizer and a speed junkie, Manuel is now focused on reviving their family business after his father died. His greatest fear is neither heights nor arachnids, but failure.
  • Balikbayan Marion was a victim of racism back in Austria, where he grew up. He now stays with his lola in the Philippines and he hopes to win to convince his family to follow him here.
  • Phoemela is an entertainment news host who is tired of being called a mere "celebrity." A child from a second family, the participantes' oldest member will only settle for first place, even if it means sacrificing her physical appearance.
  • Ram is a former NCAA player who once quit basketball after not getting enough playing time. Hungry for a new adventure, he needs to show his winning form to take home the prize.
  • Divisoria kargador RJ is a half-Filipino, half-French Tondo boy who never met his biological parents. Through the show, RJ will experience many firsts---his first airplane ride, first TV exposure, and first time to compete for P2 million.
  • Ledge dancer Savanah is a sexy siren who dreams to go from riches-to-rags to riches again. Although a little clumsy and super funny, Savanah is set to conquer Argentina no matter what it takes.

Miss Earth 2008 is Miss Philippines

Our very own Karla Paula Henry, a Cebuana, won the prestigious title of Miss Earth 2008. The finale and coronation night was held last Sunday at the Clark Expo Ampitheater in Pampanga. Ms. Philippines also won the 2008 Miss Earth’s Designers and Miss Photogenic awards. The Top 4 beauties of the night are the following:

  • Miss Philippines’ Karla Paula Henry (Miss Earth 2008)
  • Miss Tanzania’s Miriam Odemba, Miss Earth Air (1st runner-up)
  • Miss Mexico’s Abigail Elizalde, Miss Earth Water (2nd runner-up)
  • Miss Brazil’s Tatiane Alves, Miss Earth Fire (3rd runner-up)

The four were asked what would they tell the recently US President-elect Barack Obama regarding the state of the global environment if they where able to meet him. Ms. Henry said she will encourage President Barack Obama to implement environmental knowledge as part of the schools’ curriculum not just in the US but in the Philippines as well.

The other four beauties who where included in the magic 8 were Miss Colombia’s Mariana Rodriguez, Miss Spain’s Adriana Reveron, Miss Switzerland’s Nasanin Nuri and Miss Venezuela’s Daniela Torrealba. Congratulations ladies!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Judy Ann Santos still a certified Kapamilya

On Thursday, Judy Ann Santos signed for another two-year contract until 2011 with ABS-CBN Management despite controversies on her moving to a rival network. After a slight grudge with ABS-CBN during the promotion and showing of her movie “Ploning” (as its producer too) I guess everything is patched up and back to normal again between her and her mother studio.

She was very proud with the content of the contract and even said that she is at liberty to decide on what programs she wants to do. On the other side, Judy Ann cannot deny the contributions of ABS CBN on her successful career. More...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Exceptional eyewear values @ Zenni Optical

I have been wearing prescription eyeglasses for years now. The cost of changing the frames nowadays will really cost some bucks. The vision of my lens is still unchanged but usually my problem lies on the frames. My previous frames got tarnished while the other one was uncovered. My optical clinic has fewer frames to choose from and it does not give great guarantees.

I came to know about Zenni Optical and I am happy with their vast selection of prescription eyeglasses at very reasonable prices that only starts at $8. Per order of Zenni Optical eyeglasses comes with high quality stylish frame, thin and light 1.57 index lens, anti scratch coating, full UV protection, lens edge polishing and beveling, quality hard eyeglass case, microfiber lens cleaning cloth and a full guarantee. The shipping and handling fee will only cost $4.95 per order, regardless of the number of glasses. I never found such amazing online store for eyeglasses users like me. Seeing those quality and stylish frames, I bet even those fashionable individuals can’t help but buy those great frames that can match their style. Why not? Eyeglasses are not just for vision correction, it is for fashion as well.

Everyone is in tight budget nowadays but you can count on Zenni’s affordable prescription eyeglasses and more for your eye needs. Zenni made it possible by removing the middlemen and maintain an online store to avoid other advertising and operational costs thus giving back all it’s savings to their valued customers. Check them out and find what frames suit your preference. As for me check out the picture of the pure titanium frame above.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama wins 2008 US Presidential Election

And the winner is… Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama!!! As part of my daily routine, I tuned in to radio for news while doing the chores. Since today is the 2008 Presidential Election day in America, I expect nothing but updates on the ongoing election as other people around the world do so. And yes, Americans have spoken and cast their votes and Barack Obama got the most number of electoral votes.

There are many things I am proud of towards Americans. Their election process is very peaceful in general and that the results are really fast. When someone is proclaimed, no one raise a voice and said he or she is being cheated. I admired so much the action of presidential candidate John McCain when he conceded, a true gentleman and politician. Some brought about the issues of racism, wars, etc. during the campaign period but I believed that Americans are smart and matured enough to pick the most righteous candidates for them to lead and rule their country.

The Philippines will have its presidential election on 2010. I hope and pray that Filipino people will be careful in choosing their leaders. Let us not involve ourselves in vote buying and other forms of cheating because in our votes rest the fate and future of our country.

Luli Arroyo marries Luigi Bernas in Tagaytay

While the world is buzzing about updates on the ongoing 2008 US presidential election, PGMA’s daughter Evangelina Lourdes “Luli” Macapagal-Arroyo chose to tie the knot on the same day with J. Aloysius “Luigi” Bernas in a solemn and private wedding held at St. Scholastica’s convent and retreat house in Tagaytay City. Reception followed within the compound of the convent.

Luli has always been low key and media shy. She refuses to be in the limelight (being the First Daughter) and instead prefers to work in non-government organizations that pursue her advocacy, the environment. Her groom was known to high society as an investment banker and NGO worker, and nephew of the constitutionalist Fr. Joaquin Bernas.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Willie Revillame home in Corinthian Hills looted

I was in the kitchen when I heard over the radio the news about Willie Revillame’s Corinthian Hills home was looted. If the street crime rate lowered it is because household crime went up. There are many victims across our street of these looters and what is scary is that they bring weapons with them.

Willie got lost of his watches and other jewelries believed to be amounting into millions of pesos but he is right when he said: Those are just material things what matters most is the security of every household. Imagine, Willie is residing in one of the finest subdivision in Quezon City (only rich individuals can afford that million-peso property of the subdivision) and paying monthly dues for the security and yet still such crime happened inside the village. The possibility of an inside job is being considered by Willie because the thief or thieves know where he kept his duplicate keys and that one of his maids who went for a day off is still no where to found.

Be safe everyone especially those who entrust their kids and houses to their maids. Be sure to know well their background and means of locating them.

Read more…

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Zenni Optical on Fox News

Check out Zenni on Fox. The online prescription eyeglasses store, Zenni Optical was on Fox news! Have a glimpse of those quality and stylish Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni for your daily eyewear. Nowadays, prescription eyeglasses not only cater for vision correction but also fashion as well. Zenni has vast selection of stylish frames that can suit your personal preference and lifestyle. They have wide selection of Great Eyeglasses For Less so you can have more sets of frames to avail of. Having many frames to choose from at very reasonable prices I bet you can’t resist Zenni’s prescription eyeglasses and stylish frames.

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