Sunday, September 28, 2008

Web Hosting Solution

Lately, hubby and I are reading articles about domain name and web hosting services. We are thinking of buying our own domain not only for our personal and business use but also for our friends who are interested in getting into blogging. A friend who is a blogger for years now educated us about the details and importance of owning a domain and having a reliable web host.

One of the references we got is the site of wherein lots of web hosts are being featured, evaluated and rated by the real customers. You don’t need to check different sites just to know web hosting because they will give you detailed information about everything with users participation. I had blogger friends who encountered technical and customer service related problems with their respective web host providers and someone even got lost of her PR4 blog permanently because of poor service. We already checked the site and indeed it is very useful and helpful not only for individuals but for businesses too who are planning to have a site and for those who already maintain a site.

There is one article, Understanding the Domain Game, that hubby is reading. We wanted a domain name for the group and we wanted it to be unique and appealing. WHR is a big help to all domain and hosting wanderers out there. It is very profound and we enjoyed reading different feedbacks of real customers about how good and bad their experiences where.


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