Sunday, September 21, 2008

Aquarium in the house

Before the year ends, the family will be having the long-waited aquarium in the lanai. Hubby was given a big aquarium by one of his officemates. We already have different shells that we gathered in one of the beaches in Batangas so we will just need some decorative plants and stones plus the fishes of course. We are thinking of having one Arowana and some breed of colorful fishes to house in the aquarium. In feng shui, Arowanas bring good luck and wealth.

The kids are excited upon hearing the plans and they can’t wait to see the finish aquarium. They get even more excited when they see aquariums in the malls and the different fishes on sale. If Arowana can be mixed with some fishes I guess we will go on with the original plan, if not then maybe we will just have mixture of colorful fishes as what kids want.


Jade said...

Wow that's nice.I would like to have an arowana too when we finally move to the Philippines.

Girl,I got something for you in my blog, drop by when you have a chance;)


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