Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Filipino-Japanese Foundation

I met Japanese friends through my youngest sister who are directly involved in running a Filipino-Japanese Foundation which deals in the repatriation of Filipino/Japanese descendants of Pre-War and Post War of World War II. They are holding their office in Makati City and active also in various medical missions in the Philippines.

If you have Japanese ancestry and your family is registered in the Kosekitohon then you are qualified to be a member and avail of the services and benefits the foundation is offering. Trainings and seminars are being extended to qualified members so they can work in Japan through their Japanese Sponsor Companies.

I am interested to know the details of the foundation to help those Filipinos who have Japanese ancestry and could possibly work in Japan and who knows you might be recognized by their Japanese father or mother. So till my next post for this foundation.


Anonymous said...

mam may i know the name of the foundation and its contact number. i have an adopted japanese brother whom i want to help in finding his roots and also avail of the benefits he could have by being a japanese please. thanks

Anonymous said...

mam my name is leah enjambre you could email me at please helo my brother

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