Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jobless licensed Pinoy nurses

Years ago, Nursing profession came with a big bang having thousands of nurses are in demand to work abroad like USA and in Europe offering lucrative salary. Since then, a big increase of students taking up Nursing was noted as well as the Nursing schools. But after the recession declared by USA and sudden decrease in demand for nurses on other countries the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) is face with the hundreds of thousand jobless licensed nurses in the country.

The above scenario resulted in the oversupply of nurses locally and that there are no enough hospitals to accommodate them. In working abroad, nurses need at least two-year work experience in 250-bed hospitals. Some jobless nurses came to a point of paying a certain amount to health facilities to able them get the training and the required credentials. The low salary being offered locally adds up to the burden of our nurses thus the PNA is pushing for the implementation of Republic Act 9173 of the Nursing Law.

This dilemma also affects the parents of those jobless nurses and appealing the support from the government to resolve the issue. Temporarily, licensed jobless nurses apply to call centers that are paying quite high than those health facilities.


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