Monday, September 1, 2008

Annoying telemarketers

Nowadays, I am pretty sure that many of us received and still receiving unwanted calls from annoying telemarketers. At first, of course we would feel glad especially if we are interested on the offer but what if not? What if despite of turning down the offer they will still continue to call you? You know the persistence and eagerness of these telemarketers when it comes to sales. is a place where you can divulge the number of those unwanted calls whether from harassing telemarketers, annoying callers and the likes. You can find a long list of phone numbers posted by individuals and their respective experiences on various unwanted calls. Also, you can search online for a phone number that keeps on bothering you and find out something about it. Share and find information in the site about various phone numbers that keeps on pestering the households.


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