Thursday, September 11, 2008

Photo Books @ SmileBooks

Pictures are usually kept in an ordinary photo album. It is our stuff that makes it possible for us to connect and recall the past full of joy and fun-filled memories. Now, there is a fast and easy way wherein we can transform our beloved collection of pictures in a unique and personalized photo book that will last a lifetime and it is made possible by SmileBooks.

Using our digital photos and computer images plus the FREE software from SmileBooks we can now create wedding books, baby books, schools and graduation fun, travel stuff and more into an amazing compilation. With our imagination, we can beautify our pictures with our choice of layout, adding text and more without even connecting to the internet.

There are already available custom photo books to choose from for a wonderful compilation and presentation of our beloved pictures. You can choose among the four great sizes of photo books, hard and soft covers are available too and all are professionally bound. It is such an interesting and unique way to compile our photos so what are you waiting try the free photo book software and turn those pictures into a beautifully bound keepsake photos.


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