Saturday, September 13, 2008

School programs..

Last Friday was really a busy and tiring day for me. My 2 kids had separate programs on their respective schools. The youngest, Justin, had his first talent search contest on Fancy Dress and his time was 9-11:30am. I woke him at around 7:30am and I finished dressing him with the costume a bit early before his service arrives. I just gave him four liners to tell something about his costume. After the program, he went home with a certificate for his participation. Parents are not allowed during the program so I can’t tell anything what happened in the program. But I am happy for Justin coz of his early interest in joining such program and expose his self.

When Justin arrived, I changed his clothes coz he will be going with me in the school of her sister, Nicole. It was the program for the Reading of Honors and her “ate” ranked 3rd in the overall ranking of the Grade 2 students. The 1st got 96.17, 2nd got 96.00, 3rd got 95.67, 4th got 94.67, and so on. We were not able to finish the program coz Justin is having tantrums already so I told Nicole that after the reading for the Grade 2 honors we will go home already.

At times like this when my kids activities fell on the same day I really can’t bear the stress coz aside from blogging I do alone the chores. But on the other side of it, I am happy and proud for both of them. They are growing up and they are doing their best in their schools. I LOVE YOU kids ♥♥♥


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