Monday, September 29, 2008

Proposed tax on SMS for educational and health care system

The end does not justify the means. Speaker Prospero Nograles is willing to support Senator Richard Gordon’s proposal to compel telecommunications companies (telcos) to set aside certain amount from their Short Messaging System (SMS) charges for health and education. If the proposal will be approved, Speaker Nograles said the government can easily raised around P340M a day, based on estimates of l.7 to 1.9 billion text messages exchanged daily.

The proposal sounds great though an additional burden to the public but what Speaker Nograles and Senator Gordon can say about the Commission on Audit (COA) Reports stating the P8M worth of expired medicines and DepEd’s mismanagement of fund? Though the whole proposal looks noble the people are still in doubt considering those millions of pesos repeatedly wasted by both agencies.

As a housewife, sometimes it’s hard for me to take the news unfolding different anomalies and corruptions while on the other hand you hear children knocking on the gate begging for something to eat or hearing people choosing to take their lives because they are jobless. I just hope and pray that if this proposal will be approved, everything will be done as planned and many will benefit from it coz P340M a day is huge money that sounds like a Christmas bells to those corrupt officials and servants.


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