Sunday, September 14, 2008

Laarni Losada: Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 Grand Star Dreamer

The Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 is ended and “The Independent WomanLaarni Losada from Sultan Kudarat was hailed as the Grand Star Dreamer. Laarni who chose to drop school and join PDA successfully fulfilled her dreams of freeing her family from poverty. She now has a house and lot, entertainment showcase, home appliances, a mineral water business and her hefty P1M. Laarni owned the stage with great pride and with the grandiose entrance she sang her very first single "Manalig Ka."

Though I go for Bugoy to be the winner, admittedly Laarni deserved the title too given her powerful voice and her passion to sing. As she quoted: “Music is my passion. Music will save me.” Well, Laarni you made it. Your passion for music saved you and fulfilled your dreams for your family.

Now is just a start for the six scholars to face the real world of music industry and show what they have learned in the academy. Winning is just a start but to stay popular is a hard thing to keep. Always bear in mind the teachings of your mentors not only about the singing thing but more over about attitude. Congrats and good luck scholars!!!♥♥♥


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