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I have been a credit card holder for a decade now and I do have several cards with me. I can’t remember anymore how many purchases and transactions that transpired under my credit cards but all I can say is that I’m happy having them in my life. Below are some great deals I got from my credit cards aside from my regular purchases:
  • Discounted accidental insurances for me and my husband with millions in claims each;
  • Appliances bought under Special Installment Plan or SIP;
  • My kids’ school tuition fees under SIP arrangement too;
  • Pre-approved cash loans for our business;
  • Bills payment;
  • Several Balance Transfers;
  • Cash Advance availments; and
  • Several FREE accidental insurances for having a good credit standing.

Personally, having credit cards do more good done harm. Of course that depends on how we handle our finances and obligations. Right now the latest type of card we have is the Airline credit card. I can’t wait to avail our first trip for FREE with this card.

If you are looking for credit cards that will suit your needs and preferences you can check out They give different providers and features of credit cards as well as other information that will help you find the right card for you and subsequently your applications to be made online. There are also useful and informative articles on how to manage and handle your credit cards wisely. This must be a one-stop site for all your credit cards need and information.


francesca said...

hi, thanks for sharing that information. :)

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