Friday, May 30, 2008 100th Post Celebration

Congratulations to my dear friend from Singapore, , who is now
celebrating her
100th post on her blog. In that regard, she and some of her blogger girl friends are so kind and generous enough to give prizes in cash and in kind for those who want to partake in the celebration. The prizes are:

* 10 x 100 EC Credits will be given right away to the first 10 bloggers that have successfully done steps 1 to 4. HURRY! this prizes is sponsored by Girl for all Status

The contest is open to everybody, WORLDWIDE, who has a blog, a Paypal account and an Entrecard account in case you win the EC credits. There are 4 easy steps to participate in the contest and deadline will be on June 30 of this year of course, LOL. You are entitled to one entry per blog of yours so the more blogs you have the more chances of winnings.

My hint for what I want to win in the contest... hmmm... a trip to Singapore to personally meet you will be great... LOL... Kidding aside, win or lose, I want to first congratulate you on your 100th post and second to thank you for the friendship we had. God bless you and hubby always... Keep smiling..

BTW, my post is multi-colored because it is a celebration. Like it?


Pinay Jade said...

Hi thanks sis! Sent the 100 Ecs to you already;)Thank you for joining. You guys are the reason why I enjoy blogging so much.

When and If??? LOL I become a Pro blogger - the prize for my contest will be a trip to Singapore to meet me ha ha ha. That is if I still live here...if not then the winner can win a farm visit to Palawan. How's that? ;)

Have a great weekend girl and Goodluck!

crissy said...

(((wow))) Farm visit in Palawan? I liked that Jade. I've never been to Palawan but I saw great places there on TV and internet. Can you sponsor me? LOL.. COngrats again sis!

abie said...

wow, this sounds like fun. i will check it out. thanks for posting sis.

and btw, i have a tag for you:

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