Sunday, June 22, 2008


Early Sunday morning around 4-5am while blogging, I heard those heavy rains falling on the roof and the great winds making the trees in the neighborhood sway heavily. With the presence of some lightning, the computer tripped/restarted about 3 times that made me decided to turn it off permanently. I still have tasks to finish but no choice because that might cause the computer to break down.

I went to bed before 5am and slept right away. At around 7am my daughter told me that we had a brownout. So I and the kids just stayed lying on bed talking while waiting for electricity to come back. Noon time just passed and still no power kids are already eager to watch TV. The power just came back before 7pm while I was preparing our dinner. I though we might have a candle light dinner, hehehe. Right after dinner, I came back blogging to finish the tasks.


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