Saturday, June 21, 2008


Blog marketing is one of the ways where bloggers can earn money online. Likewise, a perfect venue for advertisers to generate buzz for their products, services, press releases, promos, etc. etc. When I got my PR3 last May I am very excited to sign up with those paid blogging sites to monetize mine. Fortunately, most of them approved my blog except for those wanting that you own the domain.

Snapbomb is one among those who gave me instant tasks upon my blog approval. They have their own way to determine the value of your blog through their automated valuation system. In addition, their matching system will give you opportunities that fit the content or theme of your blog. In your account, you will find “non-matched opportunities” that may not suits your blog content but they are allowing you to make a review on that to get Feedback Ratings and who knows if the advertisers like it you might get paid with it. Blog advertising is a powerful way advertisers to get buzz and for bloggers to earn. In that regard, quality review must be taken into consideration for a mutual beneficial relationship.


Vidhya Iyer said...

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