Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Crissy!!! myspace graphic comments

Dinner for the day..

My special gift from hubby.. Thanks so much & I LOVE YOUUUU!!!

Crissy is now 35 years old. It was June 27 of 1973 when a baby girl was born around noon time in a public hospital. Now, a wife and a mother to 2 kids, I wish myself good health and long life and more tasks to come, hehehe.

Just want to thank my husband for always being there for me. For loving and taking care of me and for the understanding he showers me every time I have tantrums, LOL. To my 2 kids for the love and affection and for completing my being as a woman. To both Choco & Taruc families, relatives, friends offline and online.

On this special day of mine, I want to thank GOD for this great and wonderful life he gave me. For everything that he showered me in the past 35 years of my life.


Vidhya Iyer said...

Happy birthday Crissy, Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!.

~Mommyallehs~ said...

Happy Birthday Crissy. sorry late na ko ha?hehe.hindi nman halata sa face ung age mo eh.looking young pa rin, just keep on smiling!Take care!


hahappy birthday crissy....belated greetings na!better late than never diba friend?God bless u and family

Jade said...

Hi Crissy!
Happy happy birthday girl! Sorry I', a bit late. Wish you more happy days and blessings to come.


earthlingorgeous said...

Hi Crissy,

Long time no hear! Belated Happy Birthday! :) Hey do you want to be my date on the bloggers party this Friday at the SM Mall of Asia? Leave me a message if you want to :) TC!

Ria said...

Happy Birthday..well, rather belated but better late than never!!!! Hope you had a great time!

crissy said...

Thanks everyone. I am grateful for having a chance to befriend people online. For all your greetings and friendship, thank you very much and love you all. Mwaahhhhh!!!

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