Saturday, June 7, 2008 for my dream vacations

My first destination, given a chance to go abroad for a vacation, I think that would be in Italy. I saw the beauty and romance of this country in one Filipino movie. I want to try to ride in those boats in Venice with my family, explore the city and eat different pasta recipes in town. We all loved eating fetuccini carbonara with toasted garlic bread. I think my kids will enjoy it and surely we can find cheap Venice Hotels for the lodging.

Second would be in Australia to visit my husband’s relatives there. They usually pay us a visit every 2 years and I think it is our turn to visit them and enjoy Australia. Tita said that there are lots of things to see and do in her place and there are affordable Australia Hotels to accommodate the family.

Lastly and I think quite expensive but I’m sure a fun-filled vacation for the family is our Disney Dream Vacation. Hubby went to Disney once when he attended a convention in USA with a relative. Since then we wanted to bring the kids there someday. Hubby also saw economical United States of America Hotels to choose from.

I’m pretty sure that if even only one of these dream vacations would come true my kids will be very happy and they have great memories to remember in their childhood. Something that they will cherish and soon when they have their own family they will desire great things too for their kids.


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