Saturday, May 10, 2008

WaMu Online Savings Account

The modern technology has brought about so many advantages not only on people but on different businesses as well. It enables its users to do transactions in an easy, systematic and fast pace channel. Products and services are being channeled through the internet for more awareness and great customer service. The banking industry is one among the many to benefit on this technology. Various bank products and services are being offered online like the WaMu Savings Account. Check out below their online savings benefits and features:

  • Enjoy the benefit of free online banking.
  • Access online your free electronic statements.
  • Daily minimum balance requirement of $300.00 and avoid a monthly service charge of $4.
  • When you open a free checking account online or link your new online savings account to an existing active WaMu checking account you have no monthly service charge as long as the relationship between the checking and the savings accounts is maintained.
  • One of the best deals you can get with their online savings account is the Overdraft Transfer Service. Sign up for this service and you can prevent overdrafts or other NSF (No Sufficient Fund) transactions on your checking account. An automatic transfer of the available funds from your savings account to your checking account to accommodate check/checks presented against your account. This feature is subject to transaction limits and funds availability.
  • Access your money via ATM. This feature is subject to funds availability and transaction limitations.

Their online Savings Account is just one among the many great products and services you can avail of. Check them out and get the best deals for your hard-earned money.

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