Sunday, May 11, 2008

Selling Endowment Policies

At times when needs for cash arises we tend to think of things we can sell or convert to augment our shortage. There might be handful of reasons for us to be in dire need of cash but we have to be careful in our judgment of what and how can we obtain the cash.

Endowment policy, if you have, is one source to obtain your much needed cash but surrendering the policy back to the life company is not a good idea instead you can sell it on the secondary market. Selling endowment policies is the expertise of people behind Endowment Express, the leader in the endowment market in UK. Surrendering endowment policy back to its life company can give you less value than you might be expecting for while selling it could benefit you a hefty 35% more than your current surrender value. Just by filling one form you are up now to be exposed to those prospective professional endowment buyers and on the traded endowment market as well. On site is a free quotation to avail of for FREE to give you an idea on how much your endowment could cost in the secondary market. The with-profits policy is welcome and open for consideration. Endowment Express collates right endowment buyers so your policy has a higher chance of getting a high return or pay out.

So what are you waiting for? Check out their no-obligation quote and see what wonders they can do on your endowment policies.

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