Sunday, May 25, 2008

Online Savings Account at WaMu

Banking is a secured way of handling your savings. There are times that we are tempted to invest our money to a certain investment offers for a higher yield yet unsecured. At the end we tend to lose our hard earned money. Opening an online Savings Account with Wamu is a great way to manage your finances plus additional benefits and features are incorporated to give comfort and easy access to its depositors.

  • Free online banking and access on free electronic statements
  • A daily minimum balance requirement of $300.00 only
  • No monthly service charge when you link your new online savings account to your new or existing checking account with WaMu. Maintain the relationship of these two accounts and you are free from monthly service charge.
  • You can avail the Overdraft Transfer Service with your online savings account. In this way, you can avoid overdrafts or other No Sufficient Fund (NSF) transactions in your checking account. Once a check is presented against your account and your checking account balance is not sufficient enough to cover the check an automatic transfer from the available limit of your savings account will be done to good the transaction.
  • Gain access on your deposited money via an ATM.

This online Savings Account plus other great personal and business banking products are available at WaMu.

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