Thursday, May 15, 2008

7.9-magnitude earthquake in China

When I saw on TV the news about the recent earthquake in China I remember the same killing quake that happened here in the Philippines in July 16, 1990. I guess the pictures above will show how destructive that earthquake was. Baguio which is the summer capital of the Philippines tasted severe devastation of that quake.

During that time, I am a freshman student in the University of Santo Tomas taking up BS Commerce. I’m on the 4th floor and we really felt the magnitude. My chair moved, the blinds were swaying and the students were all shocked and thinking a way to escape the building. Thank God our building never collapsed beside its old age (UST is the oldest University in the Philippines) so when the quake stopped the students were rushing down the stairs to move to a safer place. We’re off for one week in the school to pave way for building inspections.

Part of the news about that quake in China that really shook me was the three-story high school building that collapsed burying as many as 900 students. Another devastating quake that took thousands of lives and damage to properties.


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