Saturday, May 17, 2008

LifeLock Review: services, costs and analysis

Attacks on our identity can come in different forms and fields that is why at LifeLock they will not just offer excellent service but will guarantee your identity up to $1,000,000. Encryption, being considered until now as a bulletproof method of protecting our data, is proven not to be invulnerable based on the new study out of Princeton. A reality we have to face, not to be threatened, which will give us a more logical reason and guidance to secure and protect our identity.

LifeLock review presents much useful information to its prospective clients as well as to its new and existing customers. They incorporated three valuable freebies for those who will sign-up for their promotion code RD17 together with the existing clients. WalletLock is an exclusive document replacement service for their customers in case wallet lost or stolen. A phone call to a LifeLock specialist is enough to cancel and replace lost or stolen items from your wallet. TrueAddress and eRecon takes care of scanning the internet looking for information that will indicate illegal use of their customer’s personal information.

If you think that this kind of excellent service will cost you so much then don’t. LifeLock reviews give you a comparative analysis on both costs and services among the different identity theft service providers. The analysis will show how unparalleled the services being offered by LifeLock at a reasonable and affordable cost much lower than its competitors.


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