Saturday, May 17, 2008

American Idol Finale


The two Davids will now battle for the prestigious title of American Idol on May 20-21, 8-9pm, in front of 7,000 audience and millions of televiewers at Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. David Cook, a 25-year old guitar-playing rocker against 17-year old piano balladeer David Archuleta to perform a showdown on the finale after beating out Syesha Mercado in Wednesday’s broadcast of the show.

Who you think will standout and get the prestigious title: David Cook or David Archuleta?


Crissy said...

It's David Cook for me :)

Diane said...

I think David Cook Will win but I am hoping the kid david wins. Just because he doesnt even have to try to be good he just is.

Vhiel said...

hello crissy...i like david cook also.. specially when he did sang that that billy jean song. (was that billy jean) it think it was... im not too good at titles of songs... but he is good.. although david A is such a cutiepie...

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