Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ang Galing ng Pinoy Economizer products

CHARCOAL GASIFIER STOVE is an efficient burning stove. It produces 3 times more heat than ordinary charcoal stoves and 4 times lesser fuel consumption than LPG gas stoves.

AERO WONDER LUBE is an all in one wonder lube, engine treatment, racing oil, hyper oil, and metal protector for both gas and diesel engines. It restores power and extends engine life for bigger savings and maintenance cost. It also ensures substantial savings on fuel consumption up to 25%.

EcoDrive Fuel Saving Solution for gasoline and diesel solves the main problem in combustion engineering in engine efficiency and emission control by eliminating flame front combustion and creating simultaneous simultaneous combustion, thereby achieving efficiency of 90% almost as high as fuel cell.

Check out other economizer products from Ang Galing ng Pinoy.


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