Friday, January 16, 2009

Water rides

Portabello’s Rio Grande Rapids

Before you take your ride, be sure to wear your jacket or better yet an overall raincoat, LOL. It has an 8-seater boat that will pass thru the running water and bumping with the big waves of water will really make you wet from top to bottom. At first, we thought that jacket would be enough but we were wrong and that made us so wet, hehehe. I didn’t have any extra clothes for the kids so we bought new ones inside the park.

Bump N’ Splash @ Midway Boardwalk

This ride is just near Anchor’s Away. It is a motor boat ride that can give you a slight flash and cannot make you so wet as compared to one above.

Swan Lake @ Jungle Outpost

My boy was not able to ride in Bump N’ Splash due to height requirement so we transferred to this ride. The que line was quite long and slow moving but the kids wanted it so we just waited for our turn. The Swan had 2 and 3 seaters, a direction controller and pairs of pedal. You need to keep on pedaling to make the Swan move and its kind of exhausting coz I rode it with my 4 year old boy who can’t do the pedal thing so mommy needs to bear with it, hehehe.


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