Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Triple Awards from EmptyStreets27

It has been a year now since I started blogging. Most of my friends way back on the first quarter of 2008 are Filipinos living here and abroad. One of them is a dear friend from Makati, Metz. He used to recognize me and my blog in several ways since then and right now for the Nth time he is giving me this Triple Awards. Thanks my dear friend for all the recognitions and for the friendship. Stay healthy and keep blogging.

In return to my other online Filipino friends, for all the support and friendship we had for over a year now, let me share you this award.

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Empty Streets said...

Hi Crissy,

wow your list of filipino blogging friends is so amazing. Most of the blogging friends I have are from the US, Malaysia, SIngapore and UK. I am so thankful for having the opportunity to have met you and I can still vividly remember how we first met as bloggers in blogcatalog of which am forever grateful too :) Keep safe and strong always my friend. :) you have inspired a lot of us in the blogging community :)

Empty Streets said...

I would like to get to know all of the Filipino Bloggers here on Crissy's List too. Am sure that each of you have something amazing in each of your sites. Do Drop by over at Empty Streets 1027 as it would be a great honor - and Congratulations to all of you. Keep up the good work guys and am happy that we all are starting the new year with a good start. :)

Crissy said...

@ Metz:

There are indeed lots of Filipino bloggers out there and I think my list is quite far behind the numbers. But I am thankful to them and wish to meet more Filipinos worldwide.

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