Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rides for the brave ones

In continuation of my post about our recent visit to Enchanted Kingdom, below are some pictures of the rides inside the theme park. The place is indeed for the whole members of the family. There were different rides perfect for the kids and there were others that can test the adventurous and brave adults out there.

Spaceport’s Space Shuttle

This is one ride perfect for those adults who want to experience a 360 degree turn around while riding in fast pace coaster. To some, just at the look of the ride declined to try it but for others who kind of brave and willing to be turned upside down (like me, hehehe!!!) this is a must try ride. Just remove your eyeglasses, anything hanging on your neck or maybe heavy stuff in your pockets as you may lose them.

Anchor’s Away

It is the rides that will make you hold your breath as the ship continue to sway left and right, higher and higher. Even when you knew that you are locked up in your seat, you can’t avoid to scream as it goes high in the air and make you feel that you will fall on the ground especially if you sit at the far back of the ride.


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