Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 feast of Most Holy Black Nazarene

As I was doing this post, I am watching ABS-CBN’s coverage of the 2009 feast of the Most Holy Black Nazarene. I saw in the late news that the statue was in the Quirino Grandstand where believers and devotees lined up to see “Señor” up close and wipe the statue with bare hand or a piece of cloth.

I remember my father when he still used to join the procession bare-footed (sign of humility) together with his group. The group members will gather in a specific place in Bangkusay (a place in Tondo) carrying with them a replica of Señor then walk towards Quiapo bare-footed. I know the hardships of going in such kind of a procession, as how father told it to us, but for all the devotees it is a way for them to thank “Señor” for all the blessings and miracles that happened and will happen in their lives. On the part of the rest of the family, we usually prepared what we called “caridad.” It can be food, candies, drinks, or something to give to those who joined the procession for free.

My father ceased joining the procession during his 50’s but he always attend a special mass every fiesta. The 2009 fiesta is more meaningful because aside from the fact that January 9 falls on Friday which is the regular day of “Señor, the organizers and the parish of Quiapo decided that the procession of the image from the Quirino Grandstand back to the Church of the Black Nazarene will take the route used during the 400th year celebration of the fiesta last 2006. VIVA SEÑOR!!!

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