Wednesday, January 7, 2009

PGMA's Proclamation 1699 for 2009 holidays

After the long holiday of 2008 hubby and I are expecting another long holiday for 2009. While watching the late news, Bandila, it was reported that PGMA signed on Christmas Eve Proclamation 1699 to layout holiday schedule for 2009 as follows:

  • The observance of the Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor) on April 9 which is a Thursday, was moved to the nearest Monday which is April 6 making it a 3-day weekend before the Easter break.
  • The four-day Easter holidays from April 9 which is Maundy Thursday, until April 12 which is Easter Sunday.
  • The four regular holidays that will fall on either Friday or Monday which results in a three-day week-end. These are Labor Day on May 1 which falls on a Friday; Independence Day on June 12 which falls on a Friday; National Heroes Day on August 31 which falls on a Monday; and Bonifacio Day on November 30 which falls on a Monday.
  • Other regular holidays include Christmas Day on December 25 which falls on a Friday, and Rizal Day on December 30 which falls on a Wednesday.
  • PGMA also declared the following as Special Non-Working Days: Ninoy Aquino Day on August 21 which falls on a Friday; All Saints Day on November 1 which falls on a Sunday and All Souls Day on November 2 which falls on a Monday.
  • Christmas Eve on December 24 which falls on a Thursday, has also been declared as a Special Non-Working Day this year.
  • Another Special Non-Working Day is New Year's Eve on December 31 which falls on a Thursday.


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