Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Boots and shoes for President Barack Obama

Although the coverage for the inauguration of the president elect and now President Barack Obama fell on a midnight here in the Philippines, I can’t help but got excited too like those millions of Americans who witnessed the big day. Thru the live coverage of FOX News, I was able to watch it and felt happy for the Americans that despite the global financial meltdown their optimism is still there. A lot of things to be done and resolve and time is of uncertainty but as he said “Begin the work of remaking America.” Like any inaugural address, his contains promises towards recovery and prosperity and I guess for the Americans those are something to look forward too.

As the new president of the most powerful country in the world, President Obama will be facing deep and tough jobs to meet all his promises. But apart from it the president must always look and dress at his best. Maybe his fashion stylist could consider Thorogood shoes for his daily office use or maybe a Boot like the Thorogood 10” Wildland Fire Boot with removable zipper for his casual wear because it is flame and cut-resisting leather perfect to protect the feet of the president.

No matter how President Obama will face the challenges of his position it is still better for him to look at his best at all times as it adds a positive outlook for those people looking up to him. Goodluck!!!


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