Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mother of former president Estrada dies

Doña Mary & former president Joseph Estrada at San Juan Medical Center.

The incarcerated and freed former president Joseph Estrada and his family is in deep grief as his beloved mom, Doña Mary Ejercito, passed away at around 4:15pm today at the age of 103. The former president used to be the special guest of the Tanglaw Foundation (San Juan market organization of vendors) on their important affairs when he was still holding office as Mayor of San Juan City. I remember seeing pictures of mom together with him.

"According to the physician on-call, Dra. Gina Bagsic, Doña Mary died of multiple organ failure. Her kidneys had shut down four days ago. She had been on a respirator for over a year and had also experienced pneumonia as a consequence of possible infections from the respirator," Salcedo said.

Former president Estrada together with all his living brothers and sisters were beside Doña Mary when she passed away at the San Juan Medical Center. Her body will be brought to St. John the Baptist Church, also known as the Pinaglabanan Church, in San Juan for the wake. My condolences to the Estrada clan.


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