Friday, December 26, 2008

Preparing for New Year

Christmas is over but gift giving, outing and reunions continue. As the family prepare for the coming of 2009, hubby and I planned and budgeted the remaining holidays for some tasks to be done. While hubby will be busy cleaning and doing the maintenance of the van, one of my jobs is the repainting of our window grills. I already started cleaning the grills and actually painted one window with a red primer. We decided to change the color from white to black with a touch of gold. Also, the last week of vacation will be devoted to kids for recall and reviews of their lessons plus some household cleaning and arrangements.

Tomorrow, December 27, will be going to Obando, Bulacan where hubby’s transmitter house for their AM station situated. His technical staff will have their get-together. We will be bringing the kids for some fishing and maybe buy some firecrackers for New Year’s Eve. It’s a week before New Year so better start your preparations early.


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