Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pacquiao wins over de la Hoya

The Dream Match is over and Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao won over the Golden Boy Oscar de la Hoya in this much celebrated and controversial fight. As expected, all Filipinos stay home to watch the fight and I guess even the law breakers because I heard no bad news today despite knowing that law enforcers are also watching, LOL. I watched the fight with hubby on TV even though we heard it live on radio while doing my chores in the kitchen.

Actually I am not a boxing fanatic but my interest emanates because hubby is a big fan of boxing. He was trained by my late father-in-law but I guess it’s not for him. We saw the event from the appearance of Karylle Tatlonghari who sang the national anthem up to the post fight. I bet those politicians are very happy not only because Pacman wins but also them, LOL. How much $$$? Let ask Chavit Singson.

The victory of Pacman proved the value and importance of one’s WILL. If the “will” is there we give our best to get there and probably that “will” must be in each and every Filipino people to overcome the problems of the country as one. For hours we tend to set aside for a while the problems of the country but after it is a big reality that as a country lies our big fight that we need to overcome and be victorious.


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