Monday, December 22, 2008

Long Holiday

When I knew the news about the “long holiday” for employed individuals I must accept that I felt happy instantly. Not only that hubby can take a long rest from work but we will have more time for family bonding. From December 25 to January 1 were the confirmed dates of vacation while waiting for the announcement for January 2, a Friday. PGMA needs to consult the DOLE and the business sector before she can decide if she will declare it as a non-special working day too.

Though hubby is working in a radio network operating on a daily basis except for Holy Week, he need not to report for work since his personnel will be doing all the remaining technical concerns and projects of the year aside from the daily broadcast. I guess during those times he will be on on-call basis if there are big technical concerns that will arise during the long holiday. For information on the rules for those who will go on overtime during the long holiday click here for details of the rates.

This long holiday will enable employed individuals to be with their loved ones on these holidays especially those who traditionally travel, by land, sea or air, to spend holidays with the family. Since this long holiday seldom happens, let us all fill it with great memories and valuable moments with our loved ones. HAPPY VACATION & take care!!!


Jade said...

Hi sis!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!

Nessa said...

Dear Crissy and family,

Have a blessed Christmas!!

Crissy said...

For Jade and Nessa:

Thanks for dropping by. Happy Holidays too!!! May this season brings more love and blessings to your family.

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