Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Digital Photo Frame by CEIVA

In every household you will find pictures and pictures and pictures. No doubt that people are fond of taking and collecting pictures that is why most of the cellphone users or owners preferred to have a camera in it. Due to modern technology, innovations like in photography and household items prosper. Have you heard of CEIVA?

CEIVA was the first one to invent and market the amazing and innovative Digital Photo Frame. Traditionally, we are used to undergo in a film or memory developing stalls to print our pictures. With the power of digital photography like the patented technology of CEIVA no need to do that. Its digital photo frame technology is very remarkable and astonishing with features that entail to it:

  • It automatically receives photos sent directly to the frame from anywhere in the world.
  • Perfectly displays the photos.
  • It connects via an existing phone line or optional Wi-Fi.
  • It receives pictures directly from a computer or camera phone.
  • Other features and membership plans for greater service.

I myself was fond of displaying pictures at home and this kind of stuff is a must-see one. With this high-tech photo frame, my family can share pictures with each other wherever we are. This product is also best for family members living far apart from each other to ease the longing and to keep in touch thru the photos. If you want one check out CEIVA now and start uploading your pictures.



Andrea said...

I really enjoy using photo frames such as this one, but I prefer sending them with some type of photo file already in place. This is great for grandparents who are far away from grandkids... http://www.sitonsantaslap.com/?utm_source=bc

Crissy said...

@ Andrea:

It is really great for families or people whose loved ones live apart. In this technology, it helps ease the pain of missing the loved ones and keeping in touch. ♥

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