Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Party

This week is a very special and merry one coz companies and schools had their respective Christmas parties. My kids both had their parties at school on December 19. Justin, who is in the Nursery level, had his party from 7:20am until 9:30am. I woke him at 6:30am and sent him school just right before their party started. It was his first Christmas party in the school so I am pretty sure he had a great time dancing, singing and fun with the games. They had an exchange gift worth P100.00 and he received 2 sets of puzzles, a number and alphabet puzzles.

Justin in green polo (right side).

As for my daughter, she had their party at around 3:00pm right after their periodical exam. They took the exam from 12:00nn to 2:20pm and had a 30 minute break for the snack and to change outfit for the party. She received cologne and towel by bench during their exchange gifts.

Nicole with red strap.

Hubby too had their party in the office on December 19 right after the office hours. Everybody was so happy to hear that aside from the 13th month pay the company will be giving them bonus. He was not able to finish the party because he needs to attend in another party, a get together with his high school batchmates.

It is only 5 days before Christmas and despite different forecasts about 2009 let us feel the joy that the season brings. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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