Monday, December 8, 2008

Benefits of Balance Transfer

Sometimes, credit card holders forget to monitor their purchases and charges against their cards that resulted to huge outstanding balances. The 3.5% monthly interest is the usual charges of these credit card providers and having higher balance will only leave you paying only for the interest alone and small or even none for the principal. In this scenario, Balance Transfer will be very beneficial for the card holder to take. With this promo, you can be able to pay a large or maybe in full your outstanding balance and you only need to pay for a much lower monthly payment for the transfer. The interest rate is also very low ranging from 0.70% to a maximum of 1.67% per month as compared to 3.5% usual charge of credit card companies. Actually, some banks are even giving FREE ITEMS upon approval of your Balance Transfer Application.

I am clueless before about this Balance Transfer promo but when I knew about it I know what to do at times our balances rise up. Actually, I just recently get approved for a Balance Transfer from East West Bank and I am expecting our Nintendo DS Lite as the freebie for their promo. You can check the promo here. This is the credit card of hubby but exclusively use by my parents for their business.

Balance Transfer could also be an entry point to get hold of another credit card as long as you are in good credit standing with your old card/s.


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