Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Family's New Year celebration

Today marks the beginning of 2009. Though there are bad and good forecasts about the New Year we must always keep a positive outlook, have a good heart, work hard and keep that faith in God.

How is your New Year celebration? As for the family, we occasionally had our Media Noche (Midnight Meal) and some fireworks and merrymaking sounds. Our meal composed of some grilled food like barbeque, big squid or what we called “lumot” in the Philippines, big tilapia or pla-pla, shrimps, spaghetti and cake from Red Ribbon. Around the dining table are wines and the 12 rounded fruits sprinkled with salt. We’re just four in the family so I don’t cooked many stuff.

Cooking preparations: One hour before I grill the squid I soaked it in pineapple juice while chopping the filling which consists of tomatoes, onions and cheese. In the grill, to keep the filling intact inside the squid I put some toothpicks in its opening. In grilling squid, don’t grill it for a long time coz it will lose its juiciness and it might taste bitter. As for our one-piece pla-pla, I put some butter and Maggi Magic Sarap on to the skin to prevent it from sticking into the aluminum foil and as seasoning as well. I also made some filling composed of mixed tomatoes, onions, ginger, salt and pepper. In grilling seafood, don’t do it quite long and the flame must set low to avoid overcooking and bitter taste. The barbeque and the spaghetti were additions coming from my mother-in-law who just lived at the back of the house.

We had some fireworks but I could say they were all awesome. We had 2 big fountains I bought for P75.00 each and 1 small one for P50.00. The other fireworks are the stuff that goes up in the sky, blow up and gives amazing lights. They were all great and I think I will buy the same set of firecrackers for the next New Year celebration. Have a blessed and prosperous New Year from our family to yours!!!♥♥♥


Jade said...

Happy New Year Crissy.

Best wishes for 2009 for you and your family!!!

crissy said...

@ Jade:

Blessed & prosperous 2009 for you and your family!

betchay said...

inggit ako sa handa! wala kami niyan noong new year's eve... di bale babawi ako sa lunar new year :)

Manigong bagong taon sa 'yo at sa pamilya mo!

E-Tavasi said...

Happy New Year Crissy, nyum nyum..
the food hehe look delicious

Crissy said...

@ Betchay & Etavasi:

Happy, blessed & prosperous 2009 to you guys and your family!!!

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