Saturday, December 6, 2008

Housewife @ Work is back!!!

Hello my dear friends and visitors! First and foremost, I want to apologize for not updating my blog. I went to several activities of my kids, got sick, household preparations for the holidays and quite hard financial dealings for the business of my parents. Thank you that despite of my temporary absence you’re always there to drop by, leave your comments, invites, and more.

Now that I am physically and mentally adjusted again (hehehe!), I would do my best to give you more interesting articles as I could. Some missing articles for the month of November will be filled by Commission Junction advertisers for your reference.

Today and onwards, Housewife @ Work will give you articles for your reading pleasure and of course recipes for you to try on. Also, I am working with my webmaster since I indexed my blog WITH WWW instead of NON-WWW. I thought that would not have any effect but I am wrong. Last October 11, I requested Google for a NON-WWW as my preferred domain to match it with my blogspot account and it was granted late November. Now, Housewife @ Work was indexed twice (WITH WWW and NON-WWW) so I am still thinking of how to handle it correctly this time. If you have any knowledge about my concern please do drop by a comment for my guidance. Thank you very much.


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