Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family will watch a MMFF entry

While busy with the chores, my daughter asked me if we could watch Shake, Rattle & Roll X. It was one of the entries in the 34th Metro Manila Film Festival which is a comedy-horror film comprising of 3 stories. It has been her request to watch in a theater since the showing of High Musical 3. We were not able to do it so we decided to watch after Christmas.

Actually, hubby and I are not fond of going into movie theaters but it would be kind of unfair if we will deprive the kids to experience it so we scheduled the viewing tomorrow, Sunday after the mass in SM Marikina. The kids are so excited about it but I am quite curious if they can bear to stay long watching a horror movie, LOL. They get easily scared and I am thinking of the possibility of them asking to leave the theater.

It has been several years already since my last visit in a movie house so it is gonna be like my first time again just like my kids, hehehe! I usually stuck at home busy doing the chores and taking care of the kids and hubby so I just enjoy watching movies on TV. I think it will be an exciting one especially when kids started to scream.


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