Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trade Show Booths

I have been into several trade shows years ago when I worked in a radio station. Part of the company’s marketing strategies is to participate in various projects of their current and prospective advertisers. That part of my job was really tiring yet filled with wonderful experiences with the things you see and the people you meet.

The trade show booths I have seen before diverse from extravagant to ordinary presentations. Well what to expect with those big and multinational companies who have the budget for that and can afford such extravagant presentations. From tailored and themed table skirts down to the colorful and eye-catching banner stands that caught the attention of visitors. Pipe and Drape are important factors too in trade shows. The design and sturdiness of the booth packed with matching personalized draperies will surely attract visitors.

Trade shows are important to businesses and showcasing a certain product or service is such a tough task. The need for an effective company booth is really crucial as you need to draw attention to your booth and stand among other booths in the trade show.


Bingkee said...

I used to work in a trade show organizing company before and trade shows/fairs were really part of my everyday life. The one which is most creative and has the best promo ideas were the ones who drew more viewers and customers.

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