Sunday, August 24, 2008

Google gave back my Page Rank - PR3 myspace graphic comments

I was just about to check for an important email around 10am today when I saw in my Google toolbar that Housewife @ Work has a rank. At first, I ignored it coz I thought it was an error just like before. I refreshed the homepage and the rank did appear again. Out of curiosity I decided to check on my Page Rank and to my surprise it was indeed real. I regained my lost PR3.

Last July 6, I lost my Page Rank and since then I seldom got opportunities. Well I guess that was a punishment to me from Google. While busy with my paid posts, I seldom did non-paid posts and after 2 months I lost my beloved Page Rank. Together with hubby, we did some research about Page Rank articles and we found some in Bloggers Review, WebProNews and HighResults to name some.

It is really hard to comprehend the ways and means in getting a Page Rank, which is important to bloggers who are doing paid blogging stuff, but as my friends told me just keep on blogging and it will be given back to me. So that day is today and to Google thanks so much.


Jade said...

Congrats on getting back your pagerank! We should definitely not forget to blog just for fun- doing only opps is quite stressful too, right? Anyway, I am happy for you.

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