Friday, August 8, 2008

2008 ARMM Election: Direct Recording Electronic (DRE)

The machines to be used on August 11 Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) election were already been dispatched and distributed. The Smartmatic-Sahi Technology is the company assigned to take charge of automated voting in Maguindanao province and canvassing in the entire ARMM. Two types of machines will be used in the ARMM elections. The Smartmatic-Sahi’s direct recording equipment (DRE), which will be used in Maguindano, with voting procedures as follows:


Select the candidates of your choice for various positions by pressing the appropriate pictures on the voting pad. Verify your choice on the screen. To change a candidate, press the picture on the screen and select again on the voting pad.


Press your corresponding gender and age in the lower part of the voting pad marked as “Kasarian at Edad ng Botante”


After verification of your votes on the screen, press the button tagged as "BOTO".


A confirmation statement will appear on the screen : "Sigurado na ba kayo sa inyong boto"?. If your answer is yes, press the button "OO". If the voter wants to change the vote again, press "HINDI" and the screen will go back to step 1.


Wait for the printed vote to come out of the machine. Verify the names in the printed vote if they are consistent with the actual candidates chosen. Fold it once and drop it in the ballot box.


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