Saturday, August 30, 2008

Report Card

August 30 is the scheduled release of Report Cards in the school of my youngest who is currently in the Nursery Level. His school is being managed by Sisters of Charity of Saint Anne with an Indian nun being the Principal and a directress from Spain. The school is really conducive for learning coz it is really quiet and peaceful situated inside a subdivision and near one among the many mountains here in our location. It is the school where my eldest finished her Pre-School.

I am excited to see the test papers of my son to see how he performed on his periodical exams and his grades of course. The results of the exam are really impressive. He got 1 perfect score, 2 subjects with 2 mistakes each, 1 subject with 3 mistakes and 1 subject with 4 mistakes. I’m happy that he is performing well in school except for some behavioral concerns. As per his nun adviser, he is playful and very energetic. His works will depend on his mood. On the other hand, he is very active during recitation and he has the capabilities to perfect his works and excel as per her observance. Well, I guess that is very common to boys especially who are in the Pre-School Level. I guess I have more things to do to teach and enable him to focus during school works, LOL.


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